Detoxifying Our Relationship with Struggle


The feeling that washes over when you push through mental barriers and limitations.

Those who have felt it know that it’s the sweetest form of victory, and much more satisfying than winning.

Why is that?

To vindicate is to uphold or justify by argument or evidence.

Vindication is absolution in the face of self-doubt, inner-criticism and insecurity.

I’ve always felt paralyzed in the face of self-doubt, inner-criticism and insecurity. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt… vindication.


I recognize that the mind is powerful.

It can feel like a daunting task to create boundaries and limitations on the mind. For some, this can feel like an impossible task.

Yet, self-mastery plays a major role in our personal journeys toward growth, development and fulfillment.

We all recognize that the inner critic can be loud, intimidating and threatening. That said, life often provides you with experiences that allow you to demonstrate your power to silence the inner critic, and to reduce its importance and significance.

There is, however, a small caveat.