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Developing through Life Transitions | Creating Balance in Limbo

There is nothing quite like the in between.

More specifically, nothing like feeling stuck, while pushing towards the next step on our path.

Not where we were, though we have yet to arrive to where we are meant to be next.

So we find ourselves waiting.

Despite pushing and positioning ourselves for opportunity.

We are suspended in uncertainty.

Life will sometimes demand that we wait. No amount of effort and energy will expedite the course of events, though we must still expend the energy to arrive. Producing without visibility on the results, without clarity as to when the results will manifest. We must continue to explore different avenues and rise above the sense of defeat.

This is the exercise that cultivates patience.

The disruption we each endure as we wait.

Waiting requires that we maintain momentum. We keep working, all the while trusting and believing that in due time, in our individual timelines, we each reap what we sow.

We must reject any timeline that is not our own, so that this self-actualization process does not create anxiety, ambivalence, and insecurity.

If we find ourselves stuck competing, and comparing, rather than running our own race... we might lose sight of the changes that are manifesting within us.

We might not recognize that this waiting, though painful and debilitating, is cultivating patience within us.

In a world where we are accustomed to instant gratification,a virtue that is in short supply.

Patience -- the critical trait that enables us to work in a rhythm, to stay productive, without the misplaced guilt and shame that translates when those desired results have yet to manifest.

We must each learn in this life to exercise the principle: Good things come to those who wait.

At what point is waiting pointless? Good things my come, but there is an alternate reality where maybe they don't. Waiting in uncertainty shakes the foundation of most of what requires a modicum of security. There can be limited planning when uncertainty takes the stage. Why must patience be procured in an environment so destabilizing?

Every next step and significant chapter requires a rebirth.

Who you are now, will be sacrificed as you become the person strong enough to carry the vision into reality.

In that, waiting is never pointless.

The answers do eventually come.

And while not every answer is one we care to receive, all answers influence our growth, direction, and redirection. In waiting, we give ourselves the gift of making informed choices.

By holding back on impulsivity and restraining the urge to cut corners.

We are growing.

Each of us being forged in the uncertainty that feels so unfriendly, at times.

We can be still, we can wait, we can be patient.

While the world might want to reduce us to probabilistic automations with increasingly limited attention spans, all the while an increase in stimulus seeking behaviours, each present moment tells a different story.

In limbo, those in between places, we find our way back to selves.

More importantly, we find our way back to a new version of self -- the version that will take new ground in the chapter that lays just ahead.


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