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Living a Life of Meaning - Creating from Within

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

We often assume that a meaningful life requires many things.

We create, or we chase, all in pursuit of meaning.

Our energy, split between either endeavours.

Searching for what we think is missing, or creating from within; bringing our visions to reality.

You’re stating the obvious! If there’s something that I don’t have, I need to go out and get it. Life’s a rat race. If I’m not chasing after my dreams, or running for the gold, I lose. There’s someone else hoping for the same things I’m hoping for — there’s not a lot of what brings meaning that I can create, I have to go out and get it.


Chasing, stems from a perception that there is something missing.

Something that we do not have within ourselves to create or establish, though we desire it for ourselves.

Our energy becomes focused on filling a perceptual void.

We pursue what is external to fill this sense of emptiness; and in doing so, find that meaning eludes us.

We fail to complete ourselves with what is attainable.

Surrounded by prizes, people and possessions — highly coveted and sought after… mistaking them for meaning.

Unfulfilled we realize, that meaning was never something available for purchase.

Meaning is something we create.

Are you making the argument that we can spend our lives attaining status, notoriety and success, yet still feel a void? What a bone-chilling possibility. If I’m expending my blood, sweat and tears to “make it” in this world, am I not owed a sense of meaning and a sense of personal accomplishment!? To feel within myself that I’ve made it, and I’ve made something of myself!?

What you need is within you.

The external provides us with so much to explore, to acquire and to observe… Interactions that sway, move, and leave their impressions and imprints on our becoming.

In time we realize, that meaning is not hidden in the things, people or experiences that we collect over time.

Meaning stems from within.

Recognizing all that we have inside, to share with those around us.

Meaning is a byproduct of your commitment to self-discovery.

Activating gifts, talents and dreams, that are only ours to share.

To derive meaning in this life, we must learn to go inward.

Making peace with ourselves, and harnessing our innate ability to create life, from that place of inner-alignment.

Our potential, realized.

There is no void to fill, just aspects of self waiting to be discovered.

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