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Losing Motivation - Pushing Beyond the Void

Updated: Aug 28, 2022


There are moments in life where one’s effort offers no return.

Energy expended. The expectation that momentum will be gained is unmet.

We push, we get nowhere.

All our passion, our drive, our focus… and yet, we find ourselves exactly where we started.

Motivation, most often fuelled by our hopes, ambitions and our dreams. Believing that the future we imagine is within reach. We just need to expend effort and energy - the reward is ours for the taking.

Just hold on. Just keep pushing.

How inspiring, so many people will find it within themselves to keep pushing forward because you never lost your stride.

Then, our connection to what drove us begins to fade.

Our hopes and dreams slowly lose their allure. Not quite indifference, though we feel a coldness that comes with the distance that is forming.

Our raison d’être feels like a vague memory. The numbness is obstructing our visibility, though we try and grab hold of what once consumed us.

We learn that these moments, where the fog is thicker than the purpose that once pushed us forward… These times when we’ve lost our connection to that part of ourselves that once served as the source of our fire…

We learn to take the lesson. That beyond pain and struggle, there’s nothing. A sense of emptiness.

That doesn’t seem so bad. I’d much rather deal with a sense of nothingness than have to push through pain and suffering.

That nothingness, that void, has depth. There’s a real risk of drowning.

The numbness offers a false sense of security, a notion that any energy spent, is inconsequential.

If ever you reach that point - where all effort feels meaningless, and what once drove you has lost its lustre, this is when you need to reestablish connection.

Reignite the fire that is slowly dying out.

Recognize that numbness is deceptive and reinforces a false belief that all that once mattered, is insignificant.

Rediscover your drive, know that it is tucked away beyond the void.

Don’t just let it go - fight for it.

Why does this happen? I mean, if life is already proving challenging, it’s almost unfair that our own mind decides to tap out of the hardship.

Sometimes, when life is very difficult, the numbness serves as an adaptive response. Protecting us from our own drive, our own ambition and light.

A glitch in our neurobiology, designed to keep us still. Keep us safe. Because pushing forward means pushing beyond our breaking point.

Push beyond the point of breaking, anyway.

Find the beauty and make art out of your millions of broken pieces.

Trust that beyond your breaking point, is where it all begins. Where life turns the chapter, and you start again.

Consider the numbness as cursory - resist it, and treat it for what it is, temporary.

Recall those moments, those memories, as fuel to reignite the drive within. You’re at the edge. It’s time to step forward.

Beyond effort, beyond energy, and beyond everything you’ve ever known.


Energy expended and while there are no guarantees of return...

There's always a guarantee of change. Lean into it.

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