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Making Space for Nothing, Creating Something New

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

What is the value of a blank page?

A new beginning.

An opportunity for change, transformation and growth.

Birth and rebirth.

A blank page holds promises untold, unspoken and unwritten.

Space to hold the choices that relate to opportunities that we explore; the pathways we decide to focus on, as the storyline unfolds.

Each line, a step towards the reinvention of our own choosing.

It’s hard to know what to make of a blank page. Sometimes, it’s easier not to put too much thought into it. Simply continue from where we left off. Not because we’re entirely pleased or satisfied with where we were before, but because at the very least, it gives us something to hold on to.


We cling to that aphorism, “Something is better than nothing.”

Effecting a sense of security that often leaves us content with settling.

Too much of something, is bad enough -- we've heard that line before.

Averting our eyes from those possibilities that would require us to start from the dreaded taboo of having nothing to show; bearing the weight, the judgment, that starting from nothing would carry.

So we hold off.

Hesitant and apprehensive.


A blank page offers a different vantage point.

From a blank page we consider that there are times, situations and circumstances where nothing, actually holds greater value than the comfort of something.

More risk, yet more chance within our reach.

From nothing, we have space to create anew, and to build from scratch.

Hold that space.

Especially when the something you are currently carrying, means less to you than the something you know deserves holding space to receive.

Embrace the uncertainty that comes from starting with nothing.

While tempting — there’s a lot to lose. Maybe too much to lose. It wouldn’t even necessarily just be my sacrifice. Everyone I know would be impacted by my choice to start from nothing. I have responsibilities… I have to be cognizant of what could happen by taking a risk and starting from scratch. Even just the idea of it is anxiety-inducing.


Much of how we want, or desire, to be dependable is outside our realm of control.

As much as it is the case that being dependable, reliable, is within our realm of control.

Whether you hold on to what you know, for the security it provides, or take a chance on something new, circumstances can make it so that, for a time, your capacity to be dependable is suspended.

Dependability is circumstantial.

There are circumstances where we don’t get to decide.

Rather, we find ourselves forced to adapt, though for a period of time.

While daunting to consider, nothing in this life, including our best intentions, is guaranteed.

So, when you contemplate on what you will do with the blank page that is 2022 —build a foundation from what your imagination seeks to bring into existence.

Make space for that special something.

From nothing, take a chance to deepen the meaning and fulfillment in your life.

A very, happy New Year to you.


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