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The Beauty in Renewal - Embracing Stages of Becoming

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

We can feel a sense of reassurance, unexpectedly.

Subtle and unassuming, scarcely detected.

The notes of comfort, quietly emerging from routine, nondescript moments.

Be it from the firmness of the ground beneath our feet, the slow and moderated breath circulating through our lungs, and the quiet solitude we find ourselves in... We are reassured.

The collection of these little, nondescript moments, inadvertently become our source of consolation.

We soak it in.

From within the stillness, engulfed in the quiet, we regain fortitude.

It’s often said that the process of healing is what makes art out of the human experience. Each of our stories its own masterpiece. From the place of healing, we see glimpses of our potential, awakened and untouched aspects of our own ability, previously inaccessible to us.


We feel unfamiliar to ourselves as we regain composure and recapture our balance.

Certainly, our past experiences have changed us.

Though with healing comes renewal.

Each day, we are better acquainted with this version of ourselves that we have become.

Recognizing all the ways we are different from who we were before.

Memorializing our source of loss, while allowing ourselves, with time and patience, to celebrate the new.

Survival unlocks inner power that is woven into the most vulnerable and fragile parts of ourselves. A power that gets released, every time we are broken. Though, it is for us to make the choice. Choose whether to let go of the idea of who we once were and put our focus on who we are becoming now.

Make the choice that fosters a full recovery. Always reminding ourselves, that letting go is not forgetting.

We will always remember.

We carry forward, with the scars that only we can see.

Each mark, an untold story of our becoming.

Behind our gaze, are the memories of battles hard fought, and won.

Each of us, changed, touched - but victorious.

The beauty in becoming, is the new beginnings that we choose to look forward to.

This life of ours, a chapter book beautifully and eloquently written, awaiting its next adventure. Through healing and acceptance, we begin to anticipate, each day appreciating what is present, as we decide how best to bring life to the blank pages that await us.

Each line we write, a discovery of our own rhyme and reason to this life.

Living each day focused on unearthing all that was, is, and is to come.

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