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Reclaiming the Beauty in Difficulty: Finding Purpose in our Pain

I will not take the easy road.

There is no temptation or hesitation. I have found my peace amidst the roads less travelled.

In difficulty I am gifted with clarity.

In hardship I am united with my purpose.

Through the challenges, I receive confirmation of my own strength and resilience.

I am reminded that I have the means to build and rebuild a steady foundation for a future that my sweat equity will have earned.

I dare not desire that my life would be any different, then I would be made of something less than what my experiences and suffering have developed within me.

I embrace the refinement period, I am birthed and reborn from the fire that I have endured.

A life well lived has its share of pain and sacrifice. Self-discovery is facilitated through the betrayals and the rejection, in the solitude and isolation. In the periods of darkness and stillness, without the obstruction and the noise of how others perceive you; you will establish proximity with your essence and with your spirit. You will come to understand that to truly see yourself, it is the world you must abandon.

The people, places, and things - you didn’t realize you over-esteemed.

The associations and assumptions, that limit our expectations and keep us rooted in place.

It is in certainty, familiarity, and routine… that we become lost.

It is in fostering a false sense of predictability and control, that we become disconnected to reality, and to ourselves.

When we are lost, we know it.

We are not fooled by the falsity of our daily exchanges and regimes. We are aware of what it is we are missing.

We are cognizant that it is ourselves that we are sacrificing in these daily exchanges.

I have the gift of self. This knowledge in who I am — and it cost me everything. Yet still I understand that this self acknowledgement and alignment’s worth is far beyond anything that I could hope to attain or create in this life. I am not simply found, I did the work to find myself. In the fight for my life, I had to learn to let it all go.

There is reward in withstanding uncertainty.

Though the risk always seem too high.

The fear that we might destabilize the dynamics established with the people, places, and things that have already taken more from us, then we should have ever dared to give away.

Though the journey to self-discovery requires a leap of faith, stepping into the unknown will force any deadweight to drop.

Trust that what remains still standing is what is for you.

Even if the only thing you have in front of you is a blank canvas; an opportunity to begin a new chapter.

Disruption and discomfort make way for clarity and truth.

When you learn to trust the process, you set forward on the journey that brings you back home within yourself.


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