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Meet the Founder

Founder & CEO of Project Purpose, Rachelle Innocent has worked 13 years across industries and geographies. A digital nomad, Rachelle is passionate about the intersection evolving between people and technology. She's deeply honoured to have the privilege to co-create a digital community, with participants from across the world. 

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My Story

Who am I?

Fair question. Well, there are many ways that I could answer... 

Academically: I have two bachelor's degrees, both with honours, in Professional Writing specializing in Institutional Communications and Cognitive Neuroscience.

After a few years working in industry, I completed my Masters in Business Administration at University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management.

I've completed a few certifications as well: Case Writing as well as my Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, with learning in Agile Project Management methodology.

Professionally: I've enjoyed a colourful career working across multiple sectors in Canada, France, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. I worked in a variety of roles that include Training & Development, Human Resources, Digital Consulting, and Global Operational Excellence. My personal passion and insight into the field of Digital Strategy & Transformation gave me the opportunity to draw on my academic background related to Artificial Intelligence, creating the foundation for Project Purpose.


For more on my professional trajectory, feel free to check out my LinkedIn page: Rachelle Innocent

Personally: Now, this gets tricky. I'll share a few details and you draw your own conclusions.

I was born in Canada. More specifically, Edmonton, Alberta. I moved to Ontario at a young age and grew up in a variety of small towns. I am the second of four children. My parents are both French-speaking, I would describe myself as moderately advanced French-speaking. 

I benefitted from public, private and homeschooling atmospheres. I am an avid reader, I love intellectual debates and thought experimentation. I'm quite active, love rock climbing, fitness and playing sports recreationally.


My belief-system is founded on growth: in every way imaginable. I live for challenge, clarity, and comedy. 

Most who know me would describe me as quirky, whimsy, risk-conscious, and funny. I would describe myself as those things as well (especially funny, I think I'm a riot).


I believe that when you have an ability, you have a responsibility to use it for the greater good, however that might translate. Project Purpose is how I translate that belief into action.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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