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Meet the Founder

Founder & CEO of Project Purpose, Rachelle Innocent has worked 13 years across industries and geographies. Passionate about the intersection evolving between People and Technology, as well as being a self-proclaimed Digital Nomad, she's thrilled at having taken the chance to co-create community across the world. 

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My Story

Who am I?

Fair question. Well, there are many ways that I could answer... 

Academically: I have two bachelor's degrees, both with honours, in Professional Writing specializing in Institutional Communications and Cognitive Neuroscience.

After a few years working in industry, I completed my Masters in Business Administration at University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management.

I've completed a few certifications as well: Case Writing as well as my Lean Six Sigma, Green Belt.

Professionally: I've enjoyed a colourful career working across multiple sectors in Canada and France. I worked in a variety of roles before finding my fit in Consulting. Specifically, Digital Transformation Consulting, which gives me the opportunity to draw on my academic background relating to Artificial Intelligence - very passionate about this. For more on my professional trajectory, feel free to check out my LinkedIn page: Rachelle Innocent

Personally: Now, this gets tricky. I'll share a few details and you draw your own conclusions.

I was born in Canada. More specifically, Edmonton, Alberta. I moved to Ontario at a young age and grew up in a variety of small towns. I am the second of four children. My parents are both French-speaking, I would describe myself as moderately advanced French-speaking. 

I benefitted from public, private and homeschooling atmospheres. I am an avid reader, I love intellectual debates and thought experimentation. I'm quite active, love rock climbing, fitness and playing sports recreationally.


My belief-system is founded on growth: in every way imaginable. I live for challenge, clarity, and comedy. 

Most who know me would describe me as quirky, whimsy, risk-conscious, and funny. I would describe myself as those things as well (especially funny, I think I'm a riot).


I believe that when you have an ability, you have a responsibility to use it for the greater good, however that might translate. Project Purpose is how I translate that belief into action.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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