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Q3 BALANCE: Maintaining Balance for Our Wellbeing, Part I




1 Online Session


About this Live Event

Now that we've done the reflection and have done some experimentation, what do we need as a baseline requirement to ensure that we are always mindful of the areas that we need to nourish to maintain balance?

How do we make changes in order to embrace this new normal we've established?

What objectives do we need to establish that enables us to maintain equilibrium across both our professional and personal lives?

Exploring changes and adjustments required in the short, mid and long-term phases of our goal planning.

Your Instructor

Rachelle Innocent

Rachelle Innocent, the Founder & CEO of Project Purpose, has spent over ten years creating and facilitating Training & Development workshops in industry. She is very passionate about the benefits of leveraging a skill-based approach to foster growth and push beyond the limits of our comfort zones. She wholeheartedly believes that we always get as much as we put into our experiences in life.

Rachelle Innocent
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