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Q4: AWARENESS: Creating a Life of Meaning, Part I




1 Online Session


About this Live Event

We begin to take stock of the areas of our lives that take away from us being able to put our energy into what we find meaningful.

What can we change about these areas to create meaning in how we engage with them?

How should we go about making the required pivots to reorient ourselves in alignment with what matters most to us. We build a roadmap to have a better overview of each adjustment that would be required to get ourselvse on track.

Your Instructor

Rachelle Innocent

Rachelle Innocent, the Founder & CEO of Project Purpose, has spent over ten years creating and facilitating Training & Development workshops in industry. She is very passionate about the benefits of leveraging a skill-based approach to foster growth and push beyond the limits of our comfort zones. She wholeheartedly believes that we always get as much as we put into our experiences in life.

Rachelle Innocent
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