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"Challenging the Status Quo: Authentic Connections & Courage"

Speak up.

But not of the things you think I want to hear, I’d much rather listen to what you want to share.

Let’s have conversations from the heart.

Without the subconscious desire to impress, let’s say less… and be comfortable placing more weight on each word.

Let’s be seen.

Not for who you think I want you to be, but for what you represent intrinsically, let’s normalize showing up, authentically. Let’s not worry about what people thought, think and will think. Let's just be.

And from that state of being, let’s trust that we will attract what is meant for us at any given stage and phase that life’s experiences impart.

Let’s put more faith in who we attract, and let's place less emphasis on the chase.

What if what I attract isn’t who I had in mind, not the kinds of people, with whom I would spend my time? While I’ll admit that always proving myself makes me weary, and never quite measuring up can be a bitter pill to take - but there are moves I want to make… Sometimes I need to hide myself, sometimes I need to pretend… so that others will think I’m great.

Over time impressions fade.

The opinions that once mattered, no longer matter the same — just think back.

Yet time goes on, and we’re still playing the same game… entertaining connections, that will only ever really know us by name.

Because the self we lacked the courage to be, too often, it is our true identity we chose to bury in misplaced shame.

No chance for survival, we have too much to gain.

All it costs was our one identity, exchanged for the reflection of each person we encounter… after all, we have too much to lose to rub against the grain.

So you do your best to be the same.

You assess… they don’t love you, they don’t hate you — but at least they recognize you by sight.

But get to know you? They’ve already met you, in a million of different faces.

All of the others, hiding in pleasantries to stay in everyone’s good graces.

And it’s okay, it’s just for now — we’ll take off this mask whenever we want…

No one’s getting hurt, and it’s been so long… this masked version of self could be... a version of me, not so far off from this described sense of authenticity?

Turns out… we can lose our sense of self, if we stay buried down below. We can lose our path, and our becoming, when self gives way to shame.

We spent so much time focused on all there was to gain.

Rather than on who we stood to lose - ourselves - we discount that decided rejection, that choice we made all on our own.

We distract ourselves, stay busy, in hopes that it will mute that sense of pain.

Wondering if whether or not it’s too late? If all that much would change... if you showed up one day.

Just you. The real you.

Would you be thought of, regarded, respected, esteemed... and prioritized just the same?

So the next time that we meet, in the event our paths should cross…

Speak up.

But not of the things you think I want to hear, I’d much rather listen to what you want to share.

Let’s have conversations from the heart.

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