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The Inertia isn't Complacency - It's Misplaced Hope

Growth delivers on its goodbyes, but we’re never entirely surprised.

Even in those moments where we might feel disappointed.

Those moments we recognized, that the payout was our wasted time when it came to our misplaced hope.

And we know consequence is a lesson that experience paints plainly.

The endings we find ourselves trying to avoid, we recognize as our own attempts to delay the inevitable.

Uncertainty causes us to cling to known pain, rather than embrace an unknown potential for relief. The injury, no matter how repeatedly, is familiar. It is something we can predict. We sustain wounds that are unable to heal, the environment leaves no space for remedy. We dare not take on the path of healing, the antidote feels too harsh. And though continued exposure to that familiar suffering makes us weaker, we pretend not to know better. We tell ourselves it could be worse.

We are often the ones who minimize the experiences we are confronted with.

“It could always be worse.”

A rationalization too many of us use to invalidate our own feelings.

A justification that quietly chips away at our sense of self-worth.

We silence our own voice, dismiss the inner knowing that knows we deserve better.

That happier and healthier is in making what feels to be too difficult a choice.

Too heavy of a sacrifice, to hefty of a toll…to love, protect, and honour…


So we hold to spaces that we know injure, the familiar faces that both smile and scorn.

And our hope, it wanes and gets dimmer… we ignore the fact that we’re torn.

It is often in the inevitable, the turn of events that force disruption and change that we needed. For the bravery that we lacked in taking that first step, we now find ourselves developing the resilience to endure. For the courage that seemed to fade in the opportunities we dismissed, circumstance now requires us to fight against the odds. Those tricky situations that offer us the stillness, the quiet, and the space that allows us to face ourselves, and to choose.

To choose to take a chance.

To let go and make room for something healthier.

To define your “better,” you decide what is for your own good.

The path of self-discovery was never shrouded in confusion or mystery.

It only requires some of your time and consideration to be understood.

You are worth a second glance, a second chance, and the opportunity to align…

To your purpose, your own personal sense of progress, to reposition your efforts in real time.

And soon enough you know, it is in these quiet choices we grow, and learn, that our personal transformation was always in our hands.

So we can brush ourselves off from those necessary goodbyes, because we’ve taken the time to realize, that our untapped potential… sometimes calls for new spaces and places to thrive.

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