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The Burden of Self-Discovery: Authoring the Tale of Our Becoming

There is a mystery to the timing of our lives.

A depth to the events that shape who we are, whether they be experiences shared or non-shared.

Each of us a byproduct of circumstance and consequence.

Each of us, connected by causes and effects; known and unknown.

Influenced by the situations that did (and did not) take place. Shaped by the world we carry within, while also shaped by a world without. Without the things we thought we needed, still think we should have had, to be more, or less, than who we are in this moment.

We do not need to inject rhyme and reason into everything. Some things are what they are, and it is what it is. This includes the timing and placement of our lives. The roles we play in the stories we share, the villain and the hero -- both figments of our perception. Life is, and will always be, beyond the meaning we create.

Yet here we are.

Flesh and bone with every breath, we are becoming.

Perhaps limited in articulating the significance of what has shaped us, but there is no discounting that we are being shaped.

With each moment we are moulded, we are and are becoming, no moment of repose, not a single minute wasted. Our lives are in a constant state of unfolding, beyond what we perceive to be controlling; we are crashing and colliding into this awareness.

A common understanding, collective and individual, that we are and are becoming - all at once.

Our fear of change, failing to acknowledge, that the pace of change is beyond us.

Each of us evolving faster than the speed of light - but we are lost to the significance of our evolution.

With every choice, made for us or by us, we are shaped by circumstance and consequence.

If it's so prevalent, this moulding and shaping being referenced, why is it even worth noting!? We are all aware that we are different from who we once were. Touched by the events that did and did not take place, marked by the stories we disclose and dare not repeat. There's no point in placing additional emphasis, why not just continue on our individual paths and see where they lead.

Eyes wide shut.

Without intention or attention, we get caught off guard by our own becoming.

Unaware that we had a role to play, a responsibility to ensure, that we like the person we are shaping into.

Never allowing the bitterness to run so deep, or the resentment to rise so freely - that our alignment with our highest selves is shattered.

It is for us to let go of the anger, of the sadness that obstructs us from seeing the beauty in the hardships and the lessons in the pain we have endured, as we continue to carry on.

Carry forward on the unbeaten path that writes the story of our becoming, aligning to our inner calling; for better and for worse.

The reality is... we choose.

The hero and the villain are our own construction, and while we may be one or the other to another - we must be the hero, not the villain, to ourselves.

It is the alignment with self that fuels the strength to battle the tides of change.

It is your relationship with self, that your preserve and protect, value and honour, that makes for a remarkable tale.

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