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The Object of my Failures

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

How full has your life been?

How many items on your bucket list are collecting dust?

How related are resilience and grit to your ability to honour your desires and your needs?

They are, in fact, very related.

Recall those quiet moments when you hear the faint whisper of a dream you’ve ignored, dismissed as ridiculous, and silenced many times over. Yet it still whispers, hopeful that you might have had a change of heart.

Therein lies a large majority of what is wrong with today's society. We are groomed to ignore our inner calling in order to satisfy the status quo. The opinions of a faceless majority.

What about you? What about what you want? Why don’t you matter?

Whatever your answer, however rational or logical it might seem, the painful truth is that you’re just making excuses.

Make room in your life to make your dreams come true.

The science of failure changes when you are chasing something that you know you want. I mean, something you really want. Not for the glory or the fame - for yourself. How you feel after failing provides a window into the motivations behind the goals you establish. When you strive to succeed for the purpose of achieving external validation, to live up to someone else’s standard or definition of your value, you will feel crushed. Your first mistake was thinking that other people’s opinions of you had anything to do with your sense of inner happiness or worth in the first place.

I’ll tell you a secret: your sense of inner value is not defined by how others see you, but by how you see yourself. The more you align your actions to your wants, beliefs and desires, the better you see yourself. You develop a deeper insight into your intrinsic value and worth - something no person can take away from you, when you are true to yourself in thought and action.

When you fail at something you want, failing feels like moving forward. One step closer to what most certainly will feel like stepping into something bigger. Maybe bigger than you. What a feeling. Still, that inner voice will coax you, tell you to not give up, and you will dust yourself off and try again. How do I know? I’ve been there. My dreams are not silenced by my failures but are amplified by my efforts. The more I push, the more I am certain that success is just around the corner. The more I sacrifice the more I am certain that this dream is most certainly worth the effort.

Not to say it won’t be hard, there won’t be tears and moments of despair. All of those moments build resilience, when you push forward anyway and choose to brush off fear and past failures, that’s grit. The journey promises to be transformative, informative, fulfilling and a reflection of all the power that you have within you to make it through.

Failure is a prerequisite to success. Fail hard, fail fast and fail frequently. Don’t fear it, celebrate it, you’re one step closer to a reality meant solely for you.


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