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Trust the Timing - We are Each Exactly Where We are Supposed to Be

Time is beyond our realm of control.

Though if we organize our energy effectively, we hope to make the best of the time we have, managing to do the things we plan and the things we enjoy.

All to say, synchronicity between timing and expectation is simply serendipitous.

Yet still, the harmony we experience feeds into an illusion of control. A false sense that time can be domesticated and bent towards our will.

Then life happens.

We are reminded, after all, that time waits for no one.

Many of us are beholden to our calendars, allocating time to get things done. We organize, strategize, and orient ourselves in alignment to our intentions, enough to assume that predictability is manufactured and not a byproduct of chance. We assume that time is stable because our lives go as planned... ignoring the small deviations, the hiccups that arise, that serve as a reminder that time chooses no sides.

In those moments where we think quietly on the timing of our lives, on the paths chosen for the paths we dared not take... we wish for more time.

Regretting the moments lost, all the while haunted by the memories we would rather forget.

Thinking if only we had more time, with more time we could bend the paths of our lives to our desires. Because life is the pursuit of all that we desire...

As the author of our choices, there is no room to consider that our timing is decided and our paths are well-defined.

That time itself has its own intentions.

Unbridled, uncontrolled and unrelenting, time has its own ideas of what will come to pass.

There is no battle of the wills to consider.

All that we can do in response to the sands of time is respond, with energy.

We often consider time while simultaneously failing to take our energy into account. We assume that we have the energy at our disposal to pursue the ventures we have in mind. Always caught off guard when it is our energy that dictates otherwise. We consider our energy as an infinite resource. That is, until we catch a cold, lose out on sleep, or experience any of the other variables that change the way we show up.

Our ability is not in predictability, but in the allocation of our energy.

Rather than obsess about the time we have, or don't, learn to focus on the energy you have and can create. Understand the value of energy as it relates to the time, undefined, that we each possess.

Choosing to value aligning our energy to what serves us, and finding peace and gratitude when time graciously aligns with our desires.

Never expecting, or feeling entitled to... time.


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