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Bridging the Gap - Reclaiming Authorship of Self in Communal Spaces

How others see you is relative.

Relative to who they are, and how they see themselves in relation to you.

Most prize themselves on their objectivity, altogether oblivious to the unconscious bias driving them to arrive at their most confidently stated conclusions.

Communicating through the lens of expertise, lacking the humility, to take accountability, in the errors of their misplaced judgments. We trust the experts because they trust themselves. Never recognizing that self-trust isn't always rooted in truths that ought to be commonly shared.

Seeking validation of who we are through the lens that is provided.

Navigating amidst contrasting opinions, struggling to find peace within ourselves... though seeking to find ourselves, or fragments of self, in the mix of external narratives.

Wouldn't I find a hint or a signal of my identity in the rhetoric communicated, externally? Why not invest hope in seeking clarity by comparison? Finding solace in similarity is how we make peace with our identity. Silencing our insecurities, by making space for ourselves amongst the majority that rules.

Maybe changing aspects of self along the way... discounting and dismissing our quiet and unspoken divergence.

Valuing commonality, discounts individuality.

It makes us question our uniqueness, nourishing shame in all that makes us different.

The quest of self is solitary.

It is either self-informed, or uninformed.

While the external desires and positions itself as the authority, how can others be confident in communicating to you, who you are, when there are aspects of self you have yet to discover?

Identity is unearthed, bit by bit, through each stage and phase life brings.

The beauty in knowing self is by learning, experientially.

Through trials, struggles and tribulations. Seeing ourselves, experiencing ourselves in joy, development and growth.

Identity is not pre-defined, or well contained, in what is known from collective experiences or people, past.

Identity unfolds, like how each petal of a flower contributes to its bloom. Given the appropriate exposure to the elements, allowing for situations and circumstances that support in its becoming.

If I am not able to find myself in a mould, and must discover myself from within - where exactly to begin? Do I dare claim rights to being beyond what has been spoken of me? Do I dare to be more than what is expected? Do I claim myself to be beyond what society intended?

Dare to be all you desire to become.

Learn to discount the external voice that discourages and dissuades, in pursuit of the paths less travelled -- awakening the purpose lying dormant within you.

Find the courage to author your own sense of identity.

Embracing divergence, difference and uniqueness.

Celebrating your individuality for the rarity that it is - validating each aspect of self you discover along your journey.

Where society demands justification for your boldness to be beyond where it has positioned you - offer no apology.

Reclaim the power in self and self-identity.

As you focus on becoming, recognize that you carry the weight of informing the world of your presence and what it represents.

Recognize who you are is beyond, and will always be beyond... how others choose to view you.

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