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To Your Inner Visionary: Embracing Abandon & Fresh Beginnings

There is power in the simplicity of choice.

Opting for one direction over another.

Contrary to popular belief, a new beginning is not always the outcome visualized and pursued, or a moment of action.

New beginnings are birthed in the decisions we make and in the choices we take, to pursue or to stand back on what we imagine, foresee, and desire to fulfill.

In some cases, new beginnings require that we stand alone.

Fresh new starts, packaged as the thoughts, beliefs, and desires we conceive in our mind’s eye.

The foundation of our imagination, intuition, and vision - all readily activated by choice.

The capacity to choose also carries the power to unlock the potential we each carry.

Each one of us enabled to launch this world into new eras.

The world within makes waves in this world without. Disruption, innovation, and transformation first manifest in our individual choice. Whether we decided out loud or privately to ourselves, we began the process of making the intangible, tangible. Contributing to the collective with the figments of our imaginations. Hopes, dreams, and fantasies, that not only became a reality to the dreamer… but also interwove into our collective experience.

New beginnings and new ground require that each of us choose differently.

No matter the risks and the discouragement freely offered by the people around you, dare to choose the alternate course that was far from what was expected.

Align yourself with your own aspirations, giving others the courage to choose to do the same.

It is when we give ourselves the opportunity to see, that we lend sight to those around us.

The truths is, that we each have the power to create. Each of us harnessing power to shape and shift the worlds of those who we are connect to, the communities impacted by our personal journeys.

Every choice enabling and inspiring others in their own decision-making.

So, even against all odds... pursue that which breathes life within you.

Chances are what breathes life into you stands to breathe life into others as well.

Embrace the truth that we are each catalysts, capable of catapulting change beyond our present circumstance, beyond our present abilities.

What do we have to lose? Nothing that won’t be lost in the test of time, either way. If the dream is calling you forward, pursue it. You will lose anything that holds you back from attaining your calling. Losses that are required, even if they are not losses desired, at least not now. But later, in hindsight, you'll be grateful. Every dream requires we sacrifice that which impedes our growth. These are and have always been losses worth taking.

Living with abandon.

An understanding that we cannot hold onto the things that we were designed to outgrow.

Equally, we cannot lose out on the things, or people, designed to fuel us forward.

Not always the what, or the who, we imagined.

Allowing life to unfold will show you, will provide you the periphery you didn't know you needed.

Allow life to teach you that what lies beyond our control does not exist to harm you, but rather to inform you.

Not just where you are, but your becoming. Life will give you purview into who partakes and who sits out.

The familiar can be what keeps you from making the aligned choice, with the intention to keep you safe — when all of life is screaming that you take that leap of faith.


Allow the unknown to shape you.

Embrace the beauty in the challenges that will surely come, and the power that the pursuit will unearth.

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