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From One Choice to Another - Embracing the Unfamiliar

Life will force us to make the decisions we'd rather not make.

Whether it be the fear of the unknown, or the fear of change, we hope that time or circumstance brings about clarity.

Anything to encourage us in taking the next (tentative) steps forward.

Specifically, we wait on life to provide us the permission to embrace the unknown we feel ourselves being called towards.

There is harmony, that makes a symphony, in the cycles of change that are individual to our personal experiences. Despite the widespread aversion, change is a deeply rooted human need. Growth requires us to embrace the new, and be open to experiences beyond the routines and habits that form in the familiar.

Satisfying our need for change requires that we break apart from traditions, conventions, and norms that attempt to keep us firmly rooted in place.

Rarely do people consider the comfort of familiarity as a double-edged sword.

While some aspects of predictability are expected, and in some cases required, predictability is not the guiding force that provides a barometer for success or a sense of fulfillment.

Familiar, in the many ways that it translates in our lives, is often what holds us back from daring to expect the unexpected.

Desiring and valuing predictability and familiarity can be what stagnates our development and stifles that inner calling for more, or for something different.

We find ourselves rooted to our past, at the cost of the potential to find ourselves in a future waiting to be discovered.

We may love what it is, or to whom, we are currently rooted to. Love the catch and release that our current circumstances bring. As such, we mistake the human need for change and evolution as ingratitude or selfishness. Often frustrated that material successes or comforts lack the power to dampen our desire for growth.

We are wired to pursue discovery.

Be it the discovery of self, or the discovery of what is hidden in plain sight, or buried from plain view, the thirst for discovery is the basis of our human experience.

Embracing your journey, allowing the steps to unfold, will align you to the right things... for you, for now.

Success was never contained within the societal typecasts and traditions we were programmed to attain.

Success is really the pluralized "successes" that we achieve in every moment of insight, the seized opportunities for growth, the hellos and goodbyes, the connections that live and die... in our choices.

As you think on what (could) comes next, dare to decide.

With every step, with every choice -- no matter the sacrifice it demands, pursue the unfamiliar.

Give yourself permission to bloom.


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