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The Beauty in Challenging Times: Embracing Transitions in Community

Our growth impacts our relationships.

The relationships we have, and will have, that signal our becoming.

Often, it is in those crucial pivotal moments that life bridges the gap between our expectations and the reality of the connections we hold.

We each benefit from those moments in time, when intentions and motivations are made visible.

Sometimes, it is in enduring difficult and painful situations, that we come to realize what relationships we were carrying, or had carried, which had never extended into our community, at all.

We all define community, differently. Not everyone who wants to spend time with you or have a place in your life… wants to be relied upon. While some people share their time and energy from a place of genuine care, other people do the same from a place of recognizing the return on that investment. It’s less about the relationship, more about the benefit.

Seek clarity before expending energy, unnecessarily.

We often assume the motivations and intentions of others are in alignment with our own.

Many of us are carrying transactional connections, and nurturing them as though they were relational.

We are expending energy in seeking emotional connectivity with individuals seeking opportunity. Those seeking mutual intention, reliability and support, fused with those seeking benefits, access and reward; all entangled in a web we call “community.”

Communities are not based on superficial reciprocity.

We all go through experiences in life where the benefits our acquaintanceship once allowed, changes. Be it indefinitely, or otherwise. As we grow through what we go through, we each experience difficulties that change the very essence of what we bring to the table.

Seeking support during those periods of transition, we come to realize who truly valued us as an extension of their community, and who simply saw us as a hidden opportunity.

Too often, we focus on the disappointment that this truth entails, rather than recognizing the value in gaining additional visibility. Life’s challenges, though jarring, showcase the intentions and motivations of those around you. Those who would gladly take support, but do not see the value in extending in. Appreciate the clarity that these life events offer, and realign your energy accordingly.

True communities are built on the foundation of mutual care and consideration.

Through good times and challenging times.

We stay strong and connected regardless of the highs and lows in life, when our communities are comprised of individuals who value the relationships therein, rather than seeing the relationship as a necessary precursor to gain access to benefits by association.

Leverage the clarity in chaos to determine who we ought to consider as part of our community.

Value your energy enough to align your actions, accordingly.

There is a beauty in the awakening we experience, ignited by the challenges we experience in our lives. Value knowing. Recognize that clarity is what enables us to move forward with a deeper understanding, a deeper knowing of ourselves and the company that we keep. Be mindful and intentional about who you consider as comprised of your community.

Build your communities only with those who value building relational reciprocity.

Establish connections with people who value your individuality, rather than nurturing relationships with people who are motivated by what they gain via proximity to you.

Be grateful when life hands you calamity.

Life’s challenges will always give clarity on the intentions and motivations of those around you.

When intuition calls for distance, respond accordingly.

Prioritize those relationships that are willing to serve you, as well as accept service of you.

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