Decisions: The Snapshots of our Inner Selves

Updated: Feb 12

Making decisions can be daunting.

Not just big life decisions, but all the little ones we often discount. The day-to-day choices that steer us along the course of our lives.

The decisions we make today define the outcome of tomorrow.

The line above is the pulse that subconsciously fuels the thoughts I entertain throughout the day. My most fundamental mantra, serving as a reminder that there are no small decisions in this life.

Our choices create new paths and alter the course of paths existing.

Who we are at our core is projected into the world through the system of choices we make. The types of decisions we entertain serve to outline the inner workings of our individuality.

What we value is often hidden in the smallest of choices we make each day.

How so?

My first integral decision of the day is to drink the 500ml cup of water on my night table. There is no way to drink water first thing in the morning on autopilot. I’ve tried. Gulping or chugging water first thing in the morning will lead to aggressive coughing, choking and sputtering - take my word for it.

Which makes the first few moments of my day meditative.

I sip my water in the dark, slowly, while mentally coaxing my body to wake up.

Why go through the trouble?

I choose to drink 500ml of water each morning, despite how time consuming it is, because I value honouring my body in action, and I want to start the day giving my body fuel.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that my choices align with who I am or what I value.

Then the question for you to answer is why not?

What makes life meaningful is different for each of us.