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Navigating the Unexpected Without the Weight of Expectation.

Anticipation is exciting.

We base our hopes, dreams, and desires on the paths the present seems to be establishing.

Interpreting the smallest information as subtle confirmation.

Allowing every perceived nuance to nourish a confidence, that our plans are now unfolding.

Locked in by unmet expectation.

Exercising patience. Assured that the present will align to our rational, and verified, predictions.

This is why reality hits. The paths this life has ordained are not so obvious as to be predictable. Yet we predict. Assuming zero margin for error between the reality we've idealized and the unfolding of events. We are each the victims of poorly anticipated, previously stated expectations, yet are still the confident tellers of our future. Things will go as we expect them to go.

And so it begins.

A life lived in states of perpetual waiting... patience waning, as we hold on for a future we've envisioned, that we've convinced ourselves is real.

Expecting the unexpected to behave in alignment with our volition.

Disappointed when reality serves its own predilection.

Emotionally attached to outcomes our inner narratives have created.

Each day, anticipation builds up to this fantasized "expected." The vision we've idealized, on a timeline we've all but justified.

We have all but set ourselves up for the fall, for the fail, for the disappointment.

All by allowing ourselves to forget... that the future is uncertain.

The past no longer exists and the future is uncertain. Yet we worry about events long gone, and feel anxious about a future that stands to evolve in a million and one different ways. This is our energy spent, unwisely. What will be, will be. However the future aligns with our effort, coincides with our desires, was never strictly based on the strength of our will. To think so, is to deny the power of our path.

While life is a journey, authored by our choice, there will be rejection that serves as protection, and shut doors that serve as redirection.

If we are honest with ourselves, and align to what we want and desire the most... we learn to trust that the unfolding of events, all events, are designed to serve us in attaining that outcome.

Whether the delay is to promote our growth, or the pitfalls were to strengthen our character, it is for our benefit to not lose sight on our North Star -- to trust that our path will carry us there.

We are the authors of our choices, not the authors of our path.

Our journeys have twists and turns we wouldn't have thought to bring about.

We've met villains and heroes, we couldn't have dreamed would play a part.

In collision we find clarity. Interconnection, fuels the art and power of becoming, not just of self but of all the individuals involved.

If we couldn't have imagined to cross the paths we have crossed, or to connect the dots so far beyond the realm of us..., finding ourselves confronted with people, places, and situations otherwise far outside our reach... it is time to trust in the unexpected.

Do not allow the disappointment that follows unmet anticipation to ruin to the show.

Be present.

The unfolding of these events serve a purpose for each of us to know.

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