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Mutually, or Otherwise - Closing Chapters on Old Connections

Goodbyes are rarely mutual.

Mutuality is the olive branch extended to allow someone to save face.

Under the guise of mutuality, we are offered the time to process, to recoup, after the unexpectedness of goodbye.

Caught off guard, ill-prepared.

Rewriting stories untold that once felt so certain, so well-defined... that are now, in the sum of two syllables, reduced to fiction.

There is no harmony in goodbye.

Yet we must find our way to acceptance. Despite our strongest desires, not everything in life is meant to go our way. Not every relationship built to last. We do not always get a say in the continuation of connection. This is life. Goodbye signals the requirement to let go, even when you would rather hold on.

We must each learn the art of letting go.

Giving ourselves the opportunity to indulge in a different narrative.

We must each learn to accept the freedom inherent in closure, even when closure, is not of our own choosing.

Resist the urge to persist in a present reality where one prefers to allocate you to their past.

There is dignity in letting go not just of what does not serve you, but when others signal that relationship with you, no longer serves them.

This life is a journey filled with hellos and goodbyes.

Each stage and phase an opportunity for growth, for connection, and also for closure.

Life is as much about the closed chapters as the new chapters unfolding.

Embrace the inner strength, we each posses, that enables us to move on.

Where there was once hope, at times turns to hatred. Where there was once excitement and expectedness, there is now hurt feelings and spitefulness. There is injury that is inflicted, in the unexpectedness of goodbye. Wounds that require healing, words that are ripe for sharing. How does one learn to cope, with the bitterness these unexpected goodbyes garnish?

A desire for growth an expansion, is not also adding insult to injury.

You are whole.

With and without the people you expected would accompany you along your path, along your journey.

Understand, that self-discovery is solitary.

Regardless of the connections and the community we have, or have left behind, truly living life is a path we must each learn to walk alone.

Enjoying the temporality of connection, while nurturing our relationship with self.

Rather than cling to those who seek freedom, go inward.

Find healing within yourself, find peace that is inherent in solitude.

Trust the process.

Trust the journey.

And should our paths cross, let it be meant to be, rather than a product of a forced reality.

Let it be.

It is time to walk these paths, apart.

Embrace your freedom, as I anchor onto my own.


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