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Self-Empowerment - A Beauty & A Beast

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Life hurts.

Living life means scars, bruises, scrapes and cuts.

Dare to live, and see the best and worst of situations, learning to enjoy, learning to endure.

Cry your tears and allow grief to engulf you, all the while trusting, that this too shall pass.

For the millionth time, life shatters into pieces. Cultivate the understanding that it is always better to painstakingly, put the shards back together.

And to choose, in every case we choose…


Even when the dust has yet to settle, and the struggle seems far from over.

Though the challenges continue to be immutable to our desires for breakthrough, smile.

Through the mess, the storms and the chaos; build, dream and dare to find reasons to laugh.

How?!? Who looks at dealing with that degree of turmoil with all of that optimism? It’s slightly delusional…

This is life.

We aim to master what it is that we can, recognizing that it is better to respect what is beyond our control.

Trust, that the object of your desires will manifest.

Though the thunder and lightening prove intimidating, and the gales of wind have left stronger bodies broken, remain undeterred.

This is, living your best life.

Those memories, that bring about tears, will become stories that help the fallen to rise, and to see - the beauty is in each step along the journey.

With each step, grow.

With each stage, be open.

While that sounds all nice and poetic, I’d rather not subject myself to pain unnecessarily, that sounds exhausting!?!

We are who we are, moulded by the beauty in pain, determined to never allow our hearts to harden.

Believing, in what we must fight to believe in, during the worst of times.

Embracing what comes next, as the mystery it will remain until it is ready to show itself.

Taking comfort in the quiet truth that strength is not a choice, it is who we have always been.

The highs will come, the lows come too.

There’s no need to wait.

There’s too much to do, too much to see, too many dreams, desiring to be reached, to wait - for much of anything.

Push forward, pursue, press on, renew.

Honour each moment, it is a gift, used or wasted.

Where you can, make memories, that you will cherish.

Chase dreams, hopes and futures they tell you are out of reach.

Find yourself.

You are there, waiting, beyond the edge of comfort, amidst trials and consternation, you will find yourself - you will find peace.

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