To Those Who Endure: Through Victory & Defeat

We talk about the destructiveness of negative thinking, and how crucial it is to stay clear from limiting beliefs.

Recall those moments where you felt yourself brimming with confidence and self-assuredness. Envisioning the victory, and feeling certain that the desired outcome was within reach.

Allowing those moments, those small wins, to satiate that inner voice that calls to question your inner sense of worthiness.

Yes! I love reminiscing on the good old days...

Dreading those moments that come, inevitably, where you find yourself face first on the ground.

Breathing laboured, grasping at air, mud and sweat intermixing… as you struggle to regain balance. The tears are streaming, the pain is searing, and the feeling of brokenness is overwhelming.

We allow those moments, those small losses, to satiate that inner voice that calls to question our sense of worthiness.

Never realizing…

Our successes and failures are both diminished to satiate an inner voice that never deserved our attention to begin with.

No one likes failing... and everyone gets a sense of self-worth from their accomplishments, right?


Though, deriving your sense of self-worth from anything external is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Life involves both successes