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To Those Who Endure: Through Victory & Defeat

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

We talk about the destructiveness of negative thinking, and how crucial it is to stay clear from limiting beliefs.

Recall those moments where you felt yourself brimming with confidence and self-assuredness. Envisioning the victory, and feeling certain that the desired outcome was within reach.

Allowing those moments, those small wins, to satiate that inner voice that calls to question your inner sense of worthiness.

Yes! I love reminiscing on the good old days...

Dreading those moments that come, inevitably, where you find yourself face first on the ground.

Breathing laboured, grasping at air, mud and sweat intermixing… as you struggle to regain balance. The tears are streaming, the pain is searing, and the feeling of brokenness is overwhelming.

We allow those moments, those small losses, to satiate that inner voice that calls to question our sense of worthiness.

Never realizing…

Our successes and failures are both diminished to satiate an inner voice that never deserved our attention to begin with.

No one likes failing... and everyone gets a sense of self-worth from their accomplishments, right?


Though, deriving your sense of self-worth from anything external is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Life involves both successes and failures.

There are no paths that will allow you to opt out of one or the other.

Your value, and the value that you stand to bring to this world, is yours to discover, not prove.

Recognize that your life is your personal journey.

Following your path will allow you to unlock your potential, that can only be tapped into with exposure to experiences, highs and lows alike, that have the power to shape you, to make you, and to prepare you for what’s next. You make a choice, and lean in to the process.

By enduring.

Always pushing beyond your comfort zone, leaning into sacrifice, hardship and failures. Celebrating beauty, growth, and self-mastery. Embracing moments where you feel strong and capable, and also embracing moments where you feel broken and shattered.

Life serves to teach each one of us that feeling strong and being strong… were never mutually inclusive. We undermine our strength, our inner power, when we mistake strength for an emotion.

Sometimes we are at our strongest when we feel as though we are at our weakest.

If strength is beyond how I feel, how will I ever know how strong I am?

Every aspect of your life serves as a testament to your strength.

Sometimes, we fail to notice that the beauty in pain is the strength that brings us through it. The beauty in pain is our own transformation, irreversible and our choice, for better or worse.

How strong each one of us is… is always just beyond our breaking point.

Where there is pain, there is strength. Often underestimated, by ourselves and those around us, unnoticed, though pulling us through some of the darkest of circumstances.

You are already equipped with everything you need for who you are becoming.

Embrace your personal journey.

In the face of fear, choose courage.

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