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The Continuation - A Life Worth Fighting For

2022 represents a year of unadulterated survival.

A year marked by a million and one inner commitments, honoured.

In the quiet recesses of my mind, in the lowest of moments and in the highest of highs, rang the war cry, "I can. I will. I must."

Undeterred by the odds, pushing against the pressure to quit, the pressure to fold, I chose instead to rise.

So, at the strike of midnight I smiled at the cheers, at the sound of fireworks in the sky.

I triumphed.

Celebrating this new year in the intimacy that my solitude allowed, I felt at peace.

There was nothing anti-climactic about the ending of 2022.

There are many things we have yet to learn the value of - because we have never been required to do so. We enjoy our routines, deal with the hiccups that come from time to time, make plans never doubting that we will see them through, never once needing to ask ourselves -- what aspect of my life is worth fighting for?

And the answer is, all of it.

Every detail of our lives is worth a fight.

The freedom to choose to live a life of excitement, or a life excited about the mundane, is a life to be honoured.

Because the choice of any given path was yours to make - and you made it.

A life lived in pursuit of the next challenge, or a life nestled in the sweetest of comforts, are both lives worthy of protection.

As for any of the lives that represent the shades in between... recognize that in living a life of our choosing, we live a life of privilege.

A life of autonomy and a life of independence - exists in every choice and every decision we make for ourselves. No permission required.

Yet so many of us, hold off from living our best lives from living a life aligned to our truth... because we have yet to reclaim that power.

Whether intentionally or otherwise, many of us have relinquished our power to live life by our own terms. Whether it be due to fear, worry, tradition or convention, we are waiting on an opportunity that we always held the power to create. But rather than challenge the status quo that permeates in our existence, we safely fantasize of a reality that seems out of reach.

The life you live, or the life you dream of living, is a life worth fighting for.

If the pursuit of what you desire most is met with resistance, go to battle.

If the life you want to live requires sacrifice and hardship - know that it is worthwhile. Embark on that journey trusting that you won't live to regret it.

May this year be marked with the realization that the life you envision is worthy of every growing pain and learning curve.

If the people around you cannot cheer you on or encourage you - let them go.

You will learn, in time, their value was more in what you perceived, rather than what they themselves contributed.

If fighting for your dreams ends up being the fight for your life, let it present the opportunity for you to see what you were made of all along.

A powerhouse.

2022 showed me what I was capable of -- I sincerely hope that 2023 can keep up.

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