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Beauty in Progress- Every Little Step Forward

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

There is a freedom to be claimed in non-attachment.

Recognizing our desires as distinct from the outcomes we pursue.

Accepting that things might not always translate how we thought.

That in the end, all things being equal, things work out how they end up working out.

Our level of commitment notwithstanding, how our energy translates in the external is often beyond our realm of control.

We trick ourselves into thinking we control the situations, places and things in our lives, simply because they respond according to plan. We allow ourselves to think that outcomes and achievements are always aligned to energy and input. Creating a blanket of security from the rules of engagement we create for ourselves and others.

While in truth, no amount of blood, sweat and tears procure a 100% guarantee.

A bitter pill, that many would rather not swallow.

We prefer to believe that effort and energy have a direct correlation with success and achievement.

The more we strive, the more we'll accomplish.

It isn’t always the case.

Life happens in ways we least expect.

To make the most out of our lived experiences, is to realize where our control begins and ends… and be okay with it.

Rather than create emotional attachments to outcomes, we commit to the journey, by being open to where we end up.

The ultimate gain is hard to envision if everything we do becomes a byproduct of following a path or trajectory. Where’s the clarity in that suggestion? How do we maximize the energy we expend if it's not to satisfy a specific end? Who would rather just lean into a given direction?

The majority of us.

Though, it's often a retrospective realization.

We often learn that the direction was less important than deciding where to go.

We recognize that the outcome was less important than being open to something new.

That we were, in fact, short-sighted.

All the while, we had been pushing toward objectives, feeling contempt at the process involved in achievement.

Blind to the beauty within the experiences that your pursuit allowed along your path.

We are so focused on the future, we deprioritize the value of each present moment.

Shortchanging ourselves.

Goals, desires, and objectives have more to do with leaning into the growth and evolution that your journey obliges.

Trusting that through it all, the path least travelled enables us to become who we need to be, in order to achieve what we have in mind.

Deriving meaning and fulfillment in our pursuits.

Through the highs and lows, we stay hopeful.

Enduring pain, experiencing gratitude, seeing the value in even the incremental steps onward.

Every stage and phase in your journey is significant.

Lean into the temporary. Understand that this, however it translates for each of us, is just for a time.

This too shall pass.

Don't become so focused on the destination, you lose sight of the beauty in your personal story.

Value each moment, they fuel purpose in your pursuit.

Lean into the journey, trust the process.

At some point you will realize, everything you are going through… wasn’t for nothing.

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