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Kill the dreamer, bury the dream. The milestones of a visionary.

Updated: May 22, 2023

They roared with laughter.

At the audacity.

Yet this was no comedy show, just the common response to a dream revealed to the wrong audience.

Laughter, the unfortunate response to the dreams sheepishly revealed to family, friends, and colleagues who may love, adore, and respect you..., or who may resent, compete, and feel envious toward you.

Individuals who are so immersed in the now, that they fail to see your potential. They fail to acknowledge your abilities that will bring your dreams to life.

It is commonly recognized that most people lack the ability to see that which has not come to pass. It's hard to visualize what has yet been actualized. Many who dare to be different, to see the world through a different lens are met with ridicule and contempt. While it feels personal, it is the product of human nature.

The nature of people who no longer serve you.

Simply put, the nature of the people, places, and opportunities you've outgrown.

The laughter itself signals clarity. Inadvertently, revealing someone's failure to see you.

Whether consciously or subconsciously, disbelief is rooted in one's inability to acknowledge your potential. The gifts and talents that stand to carry you to different places, people, and opportunities... beyond the realm of them.

In so speaking, the laughter rings with unspoken discomfort. Unsettled with the possibility that there is an alternate reality that you can step into, that has no room for them.

The mark of true friendship, sincere relationship, is in the ability to celebrate one another's ascension to new heights. Without the threat at the possibility of loss, since loss is inherent and should be expected, as part of our individual growth and evolution. If our dreams threaten, intimidate, and disorient, rather than inspire, excite, and invigorate... then it is not a problem with the dream itself, just with the individuals we chose to tell our dreams to.

And rather than acknowledge their lack of vision...

They set out to kill the dreamer.

Disbelief morphing into bitterness and resentment.

Unbridled horror and disgust, as you take small steps into your becoming.

Yet they continue to refuse to see your vision, simply because they refuse to see you as the visionary.

They refuse to change the box they put you in...

Because they refuse to change the box they put themselves in.

So, if there is a possibility, any semblance of reality that this dream might manifest... then the dreamer must die.

To destroy that which we cannot become is the source of disillusionment. To set out to hinder someone's growth rather than focus on your own, will reap destruction on one own's life. Every life carries destiny, and destiny moments. They are beyond the grasp of machinations and manipulations. Despite how threatened you might feel, or you may be... a dream pursued with commitment, consistency, and conviction, will manifest even against the odds.

So despite the worst of intentions, the dreamer lives and the dream hangs on by a thread.

A thread of hope, faith, and determination... have kept the dream (and dreamer) aflame.

With every step into purpose, with every small victory that speaks to progress.

The dream will live on.

Because their laughter fell on deaf ears.

Especially when dreamers comes to the realization... that laughter and ridicule are projections of personal insecurity and shame.

For the dreams those dreamers had once carried, they buried... and they hoped they could discourage you... so you would do the same.

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