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Making Peace with Uncertainty: Learning Unapologetically

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

We all battle internal wars with our uncertainties.

Hoping to get a better sense of the terrain in front of us, grappling in the dark for a light at the end of the tunnel.

Often forgetting, that the unknown acquiesces to time.

All things get revealed when you have a little patience.

Maybe not when we personally feel is convenient, but often when we can make the most out knowing.

We learn all that we are supposed to learn, and become aware of all that we were meant to be aware of, when we simply give it time.

It’s hard to embrace that philosophy given that our society is built on instant gratification. Waiting on time feels like a punishment to most. Who doesn't want better sense of what is going on? A sense of who is for us or against us? Or, if whether that bad break actually ended up the best thing that happened for us… It’s just hard to relax when you're feeling unsure.

It's important to accept that we do not have control over many aspects of our lived experiences.

Feeling unsure, though it makes us human, is an emotion that we must learn to manage.

Recognize that certainty, assuredness, comes with mastery and experience.

If we’re really pushing beyond our comfort zone and navigating in foreign territory, normalize your feelings of uncertainty - they are in fact, a given.

Uncertainty demonstrates that you are learning, that you are growing and that you are developing the muscles required to excel at this new level.

Creating the stepping stones towards understanding.

Embrace the process for what it is, beautiful.

Getting comfortable with uncertainty puts you in a position to reach higher, stretch further and remove the limits that anxiety and insecurity place on your potential.

Tell yourself, as many times as you need to, that learning and feelings of uncertainty go hand in hand.

Don’t limit yourself by misconstruing what your uncertainty says about who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing.

I hear what you’re saying, but for the most part, feelings of uncertainty lead to feelings of inadequacy. It’s bred in the bone. All of us have those childhood moments where we experienced the shame and embarrassment that came with not knowing, with not having all the answers. To think those scars don’t carry into adulthood would be short-sighted.

Learning and competing are not one and the same.

Our education system places more emphasis on competition and performance than on the vehicles that foster learning and cultivating the life skills to make the best out of our lives.

We all have our fair share of those wounds, but they were never our wounds to carry to begin with.

Learning starts with uncertainty.

No one was born knowing everything.

No one dies knowing everything.

There is more to learn than what we could ever hope to gain exposure to in one lifetime.

There is nothing about that we should allow ourselves to feel inadequate about. Living your best life translates as giving yourself the opportunity to expand.

So expand.

Whether it’s lessons learns through trials and struggles, or the lessons learned through your successes and accomplishments.

Take stock of how you yourself are evolving along with the world around you.

Take each lesson for what it’s worth.

Recognizing that each of these life lessons are, in fact, worth a lot more than we think.

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