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All that Glitters… Is Not Gold: Taking the Unchartered Path

From birth, this world pedals us dreams, aspirations, and ambitions that are deemed as worthy of our attention.

Procuring paths with the promise of security, stability, and status.

There is an economy at stake, that suffers any ill-advised choices that we take.

So, we have the support of external guidance to remedy any indecision.

We are pressured to act, to choose, to do…to push towards the success we were told would be gratifying… and would be satisfying.

To follow the roadmap, and attain, achieve, and accomplish… in all the ways prescribed.

Assuming that the attainment of reward and recognition are universal wants, both carrying the ability to satiate any driven or ambitious heart.

We are all looking to leave our mark in this world… to make a difference. How could we feel as if we’ve achieved the desired result if it doesn’t involve reward and recognition? Where’s the harm in anticipating one’s desire to be celebrated for the work they do…, or to be acknowledged for the impact they’ve created?

A dream accomplished, procures its own intrinsic benefit.

Pursuing ones calling requires no standing ovation, or external recognition, to feel rewarded by the experiences that the journey provides.

To feel moved and transformed by the process, itself.

Embracing the birth and renewal in every step taken, in alignment with our soul’s definition of the ambitions… that are worthy of our attention.

Transformed, in embracing a journey, a trajectory, that is unwritten.

In discovering clarity — that is unearthed in every shortfall, failure, and wrong turn.

Understanding that to cultivate a deeply held and unwavering inner confidence requires that we shift our trust inwards, that we listen to the guidance within.

For many of us, leaning towards that inner guidance is unchartered territory. Not because we haven’t felt a pull towards a given direction, but because we are aware of the sacrifice that it will entail. There is loss in discovery. Be it discovery of oneself or of one’s calling. There is an element of finality in embracing the unknown. The cost translates as the end of familiar relationships, circumstances, and settings.

Life only requires you to let go of relationships that you have outgrown.

It is often the case that the relationships that once nurtured, developed, and supported you become the relationships that hinder you.

That stifle your growth.

In becoming, you will have to embrace the art of letting go, and letting be.

Allowing life to play out beyond the confines of fear.

Embracing acceptance.

Because all that glitters is not gold.

Choosing to follow any predefined, or prescribed rendition of success is an easy, yet costly, way of realizing that truth.

So, take a chance.

Not just on anyone, or on anything… take a chance on yourself.

On discovering self, in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

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