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Authoring our Journey: Reclaiming the Power in Our Attention

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

We change.

Sometimes abruptly.

Though most times, in subtle ways, through tiny adjustments, over extended periods of time.

Regardless of the routine and monotony that life can become, the transformation we each experience is inevitable.

Some, recognize the change and fight for things to stay the same, while others, find themselves caught off guard, or blindsided.

The latter, anxiously fixated on a future that remains stubbornly unknown.

While the former struggle to draw their attention away from the past, and cling to moments that have long since faded into memories.

Then we take a breath.

We return to this present reality, surprised by the rude awakening that signals to us that we are no longer who we thought we were.

These things happen. No one intends to feel caught off guard by who they’ve become. No one particularly enjoys the realization that they have no idea who they are, or what they’re doing with their lives… It is a jarring experience to look around and realize, you do not value most of what, and who, your time and energy goes into, anymore.

Without a doubt.

These things happen.

Life happens.

Life has this uncanny habit of continuing forward, whether we are paying attention to what’s going on, or not.

Storylines unfolding, with or without us.

All to say, we each have it within ourselves to choose.

We each have the ability to ensure that life is not happening, despite ourselves.

Simply by recognizing that where we place our attention, matters.

Focusing on the present, rather than allowing our minds to worry about the future, or dally in the past, is a gift we give to ourselves.

Understanding that giving our attention away to distractions, is always at a cost, taking away from our awareness of the shifts and changes happening within us.

That said, the ability, the gift of staying present, is an exercise in self-mastery.

Staying present was never easy to do, and that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it to learn.

You make it sound so easy. It’s not like I want to be stuck in the past, or feel anxious about the future, there’s just a lot of decisions to make, and a lot of issues that require closure. I’m trying to do the best I can, with what little mental and emotional resources I have — this hippy nonsense is ingratiating!

Understanding the value of where we place our attention transcends any semblance attributed to hippy sub-culture.

Our attention bears little weight on the speed or pace of change.

Learning to master where we place our focus, makes us active participants in determining how our interactions and experiences influence us, for better or worse.

Feeling as though we’re catching up to our own lives, whether it’s because we’re perpetually stuck in the past, or hung up over the future, is a painful experience. One we can avoid by recognizing the power inherent in the placement of our focus and attention.

Self-discovery is the result of introspection.

Reflecting on how our interactions and lived experiences, are challenging or harmonizing with our values, beliefs and desires.

Cultivating mindfulness allows each of us an active role to play in our individual evolution.

Whether self-mastery is achieved through meditation, journalling, or quiet reflection, it's up to you.

Pay attention to what matters, in what’s happening in your life right now, is an act of self love and self awareness.

Remember, the past no longer exists and the future will forever be unknown.

Embrace your journey, eyes wide open, and be the author of how your story unfolds.


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