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Built for Calamity-Expecting the Unexpected

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

A life well lived is unexpected.

We feel assured in our future plans by forgetting that familiar faces and places, are subject to change.

We assume a degree of permanence in our lived realities, woefully ignorant to the signs and signals that disruption is coming.

We are blindsided.

Again, and again. We are caught off guard.

Despite the many disruptions we've survived thus far, we're still clinging to the belief that stability is earned; something we are entitled to have.

Closing our minds to the actuality that stability, amidst constant change, cannot be anything short of illusion.

While it might be presumptuous to assume that stability is earned, it might be another extreme to entertain the idea that stability, in its entirety, is an illusion!? Where's the reassurance in that?

None at all.

Building a belief system that anticipates any constancy in life, offers a false sense of reassurance.

Life is, after all, unexpected.

Life has demonstrated, for each of us in different ways, its capacity to shift and change, to ebb and flow.

Yet we stubbornly cling to the idea that stability is a golden prize.

Stricken by fear at the thought of needing to adapt. We second guess our ability to rise to the occasion, to navigate the unexpected, without first receiving external guidance, or consulting a Self Help 101 best seller's book.

Not once considering, that we ourselves are our biggest asset in response to the change around us.

Beyond the fear and paralysis, we have the power to disrupt in response to disruption.

We can progress, as a countermove to change.

Well, you're very optimistic at how things look on the other side of disruption and chaos... Not sure if all of us have it within us to be our biggest asset in response to change, to adapt and rise to the occasion. Not sure how you can have such blanket confidence that people can bounce back from adversity...

Survival is bred in the bone.

Helplessness is learned.

We do ourselves a favour by unlearning all that which hinders our ability to make the best, of even the worst of circumstances.

When we stop focalizing on attaining stability and security, we can immerse ourselves in what we are going through.

Allow our focus to centre on developing the skills and dexterity, on cultivating the character, while gaining confidence in solidarity; this is what periods of chaos force from within us.

When we allow ourselves to rise to the challenge that calamity presents.

Believe that we are made to resist that which challenges us.

Consider the possibility that an inner warrior lies dormant within each of us, equipped with skills and abilities that will leave us amazed.

Give yourself permission to be what your present moment requires of you.

Let go of the old and embrace the new.

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