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Valuing Change as the Ideal, Valuing the Unfamiliar

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Change is the constant we can count on.

Though anxiety-inducing to most, the thought of change is becoming a comforting thought to some.

Rather than clinging to what make us feel safe and make us feel good; all while shutting out the painful events that involve loss, grief and pain… embracing change allows us to make space for both.

Accepting the idea that the highs and lows in life, bear more significance than the joy that they illicit, or the sorrow that they carry.

Our perception often overestimates the value of the wins, and undervalues the treasure buried in the losses.

The treasures buried in change.

Who wants to celebrate change? The good times don’t last nearly long enough and the bad times seem to always come calling. Why not hold onto the realities that feel good? Why not create a reality where I feel comfortable, stable and secure?

Comfort is not the prized ticket we all think it is.

Idealizing a life of predictability, security… can be synonymous to striving just to reach a state of stagnancy.

Assuming that success and fulfillment necessitates a lifestyle that involves little to no effort, is counterintuitive.

Living, truly living each day fully, involves chaos.

Living your best life requires effort, your active participation.

In truth, a life worth living is on the other side of the order we create for ourselves. Each day, demonstrating that we are not as fragile, or as delicate, as we are often made to believe we are. We can get through much of what we go through, stronger and better able than we anticipated.

The alternative being a life of illusion.

Often the life we live for others, and for ourselves, the realities we manufacture... that crack and crumble with the slightest bit of resistance.

Which begs the question.

Why manufacture a sense of security, when you can develop the dexterity to thrive through calamity?

We all have it within us to rise.

To make beauty from the ashes of the endings we’ve endured.

With each chapter closed, seizing an opportunity to redefine ourselves.

With each rebirth, gifting ourselves the permission to change.

What if I like who I am right now? If I embrace that change is constant than I must be comfortable letting go of the person that I’ve created. The person that I bring out in public and show off. The person that society now expects me to be. There is too much risk involved with embracing the constancy of change, of becoming,… too much to lose.

We claim other people’s comfort as our own, and lose ourselves in tandem.

Rationalizing that approval, status and accolades are cause enough to settle into life as it is now.

Berating yourself for wanting more, or different from what you have earned up until this point.

To some extent recognizing that embracing change means finding out what relationships should have ended a long time ago.

Realizing that embracing your own becoming, means allowing yourself to let go of people, places and things that were never meant to go the long mile with you.

Irrespective if you really wanted them along for the journey.

Meaning and fulfillment comes from embracing the change and impermanence that self-discovery promotes.

Becoming the new, while shedding the old.

Experiencing many births and many deaths, through milestones, events and experiences. The landscape of faces, places and events, forever shifting and changing on your path.

Without effort, familiarity becomes foreign, no longer the prize it once was.

We evolve or regress in response to the change that is constant.

Deciding who we become through it all. Becoming what life requires us to be.

Beyond each ending, a reintroduction to ourselves and lessons untold as our story unfolds.

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