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Learning to Value Our Inner Guidance - Silencing the External

We, too often, normalize the disagreement that exists between how we think, feel and subsequently interact with the world around us.

Trudging onward, acting and reacting, surrendering to the creeping sense of bewilderment and confusion we experience.

Accomplishing much, though without a real sense of direction.

Despite all the tasks completed, our actions are rarely aligned to our own inner guidance.

As a result, we begin to disengage from much of what life has placed on us, and instead, find solace in distractions that keep us from taking the time to figure ourselves out.

Life presses onwards whether we’re clear about what we’re doing, where we’re going, or not. It makes alignment and developing a sense of, “inner guidance,” feel more like a nice-to-have than a necessity. The actions and choices we make, that align with how we want to progress in life, feed into our sense of meaning and fulfillment in a big way. No one tells us that whether we live a life that feels meaningless or meaningful, is directly correlated to living in alignment to our own inner guidance.

What is inner guidance, anyway?

Well, many of us silenced our inner guide a long while ago.

Buried under the voices that criticized us, or condemned our dreams; under the fear of judgment, fear of failure and the desire to conform to the thoughts, actions and behaviours of those around us.

In trying to satisfy the demands and pressures of the external world, we inevitably sacrifice the relationship we have with ourselves. Our inner guide.

Misguided - we seek to find happiness by changing who are, to make others happy.

Seeking to find peace, without protecting the harmony we must work to create within ourselves.

Alignment, at the end of the day, really translates as mental, emotional and physical harmony.

Inner peace.

We sacrifice the relationship we stand to have with ourselves, to satisfy the relationships we have with others.

All of those finite connections, we strive to meet their infinite demands.

When those relationships inevitably end, we attempt to fill the void they leave behind.

Never recognizing that the comfort we seek, is derived from nourishing a healthy relationship within ourselves.

Relationships with others matter! We all know this. To what extent… I guess that’s what gets lost in translation. I’m not sure how much of myself should be subject to compromise to maintain connections with those I care about. I’m not sure how clear the line is between honouring a relationship, and honouring a relationship at my own expense. There are no guidelines that indicate when it is the case that the healthy choice, when navigating relationships and environments, is choosing ourselves!?

Therein lies the significance of inner guidance.

Prioritizing our own thoughts, feelings and desires regarding our life’s trajectory, over the input that others feel inclined to share.

You are the only person who gets to experience your life from your perspective.

A unique perspective — that may or may not be understood by the people around you.

Your life’s trajectory, your point-of-reference.

They are yours to defend and protect.

Defend and protect in whatever ways you feel are best appropriate.

Aligning your actions and reactions to how you feel is best, for the path you are taking.

While many may want to share in that privilege, to choose and chart your own path forward, that power is yours to harness as you push forward on your life's trajectory.

Learn the value of your inner guidance.

Clear the path towards your life’s purpose.

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