Defining the Cultural Fabric of Community

Updated: Jul 19

Words carry weight.

The things we say have the ability to change attitudes and perspectives, emotions and beliefs, from deep within.

What we say and how we say it, creates impact, and has done so since the beginning of the literary happenstance, the “Symbolic Order,” we call language.

So how do we reconcile words that sway, yet lack substance?

It’s interesting that this dichotomy even exists.

That we can use words and create ripples of anticipation, yet the communication, in and of itself, lacks any degree of depth.

Words shared with zero intention of carrying out commitments made.

Destructive in many cases, and disappointing.

Communities are built and destroyed based on the words we choose to use.

Words shared in public or private spaces, alter the evolution of our communities, for better or for worse. If it is the case that we see the benefit of community, and want to uphold the communities that make us proud, then we need safeguards from those whose words lack depth.

When it comes to deciding, to what extent, we seriously consider the thoughts, values and attitudes demonstrated by those around us, an important characteristic to consider is disposition.

Wait a second. How does a person’s disposition tell me how seriously I should take their words? Isn’t that a bit judgmental…