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What is Project Purpose?

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

My vision.

Project Purpose was one of the few ideas that kept popping up in my psyche, niggling at me in my quiet, introspective moments, refusing to be forgotten.

The name succinctly frames the ambition behind what I’m trying to accomplish.

Igniting the sense of purpose in children.

I truly believe that a project like this is necessary to enable children to reach their full potential. This project also happens to be a fundamental purpose of mine.


The programming is built on the premise that from within purpose, stems passion. Passion directs us on the path to fulfillment, joy and satisfaction; regardless of the journey, or what you might, as an outsider, gauge as a successful or otherwise outcome.

Project Purpose intends to ensure that children are empowered with a strong sense of identity, as well as the right tools that they can apply to avoid choosing a path, or exposure to experiences, that might stifle their passion. I believe that living with purpose requires a critical thinking lens, and a general understanding of logic and rationality often not taught in conventional school systems. Living with purpose also requires a mental frame that is anti-conformist and embraces all the nuances that layer into one’s sense of individuality.

Without passion we are the living lifeless.

Have you had to sit in a five-minute conversation with someone who had no zest for life? Exactly. Painful and draining. Worse yet, are you that person?... I do my best now, to avoid such interactions. I used to think that those people somehow lost their way, but I’ve realized that for most of us, our passion is stifled at a young age, and without attention and nurturing, it dies.


Technology is moving us along at such a rapid pace. Watching how society and the world around us transform, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed, or insignificant to the process. One of the ways to counter the effect is to align yourself to an aspect of the change that gives you energy. Life was never meant to be draining. Life is meant to energize you, feed you, and restore you. Specifically when your actions and day-to-day are aligned to your passion. Your purpose.

Taking on the challenge to equip your children mentally and emotionally, requires a communal effort. A community of individuals who recognize the value in supporting, protecting and empowering the future generation to not only handle the wave of change coming, but to thrive.




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