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Renewing Connection: Breaking Free from Apathy

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

There is a disquieting comfort in apathy.

Colours distill into varying shades of grey, there is little reason to laugh, to cry, to rage, or commemorate.

In apathy, there is no need to see ourselves, let alone pay close attention to those who play part in our daily, weekly, or monthly rituals.

We remain unmoved, undeterred and unresponsive.

Sort of chilling the way you describe it…

Indifference is unexpected.

Not many people intend to become detached to the world around them. Maybe we slipped into this state of being as a response to feeling overwhelmed. There is so much to care about, so much of the world that is crying for our attention, becoming apathetic is the easier choice.

To care about as little as possible; or

As much as is objectively required.

More an act of self-preservation, we withdraw and remove ourselves from the conversation, wherever possible.

Keeping to ourselves.

Shutting out what is beyond our need to engage with, cutting our circulation to the world with which we have always been deeply connected.

Growing numb, feeling little or nothing at all.

It’s hard to pay attention to every little thing, there’s only so much of oneself one can give…

In disassociating, we lose sight of all we have to give, and fail to see how much we are needed.

The conversations, tailspinning due to our lack of participation in them.

Connection is beyond deliberation, beyond our sense of choice. We are connected to more than the people we care or desire to be connected to, connection is a matter of influence.

All that we see, all that we experience, connects to us to one another, to places and things, in varying degrees.

We face the choice: nurture those associations, or to allow them to wither?

We might infuse aspects of self; leaving behind parts of who we are, leaving our mark on the unfolding of circumstance.

Let's not miss the opportunity.

Let's not lose sight of the beauty in connection, hidden away under the veil of indifference.

Who has energy to make something out of every connection made day-to-day… no one does!

The energy we keep, for the sake of self-preservation, is energy we lose.

We all have more to give of ourselves than we realize.

Recognizing the power we stand to offer in the communities of which we make part, offers each of us insight into the value we always had within us to bring.

Our worth, our value, our energy.

To serve and be served by those around us.

Lean in.


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