Reinterpreting Impressions, Celebrating Interconnectivity

Think about all the people you have come across, and will likely come across, in your lifetime.

Most will fade, but some linger, leaving behind lasting impressions.

Different forms of interactions, some short-lived and transitory, while others involving more time spent… both instances leaving us feeling forever changed.

Recall those special few individuals, whose memory, for whatever reason, persist beyond others.

Can anyone predict the meaningful impressions certain individuals stand to make on us?

No one.

The impact these people had on our being may have been a product of who we were, then, or our circumstances at the time. Most genuine, soul-felt impressions catch us off-guard.

Their memory, vivid.

We are brought back in time, and nothing of the experience is lost. The mix of emotions, the smell in the air, the expression on their faces… every detail captured.

Leaving us forever impacted, touched, moved.

Yet these people are no longer part of our lives. They represent fragments of our past.

Some recollections are beautiful and bring joy, while others are painful, still.

Though the idea of forgetting is impossible.