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It Takes a Village - Learning to Let go

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

When thinking back on key events in our lives, there is generally a protagonist and an antagonist to each era in our existence.

In hindsight, we often recognize the purpose and the growth that stemmed from those beautiful and heartbreaking moments.

Those lessons.

Those life lessons that could have only been taught, by those special few, who played their role in shaping who each of us happens to be in this present moment. While, it takes a bit more time to look at those painful moments and cherish the gifts that those lessons offered, that time will come.

Yes. I do suppose that I see the rhyme and reason in the things that took place in my life when I reflect on it.

People, places, and things.

We become so attached to the people, places and things in our lives.

Often overlooking the significance of beginnings, unabashedly consuming, clinging, and craving more once we are in the thick of experience, allowing the memories and moments to shape us, ignoring the inevitability of goodbyes.

Avoiding the simple truth that, one way or another, life requires letting go.

Much of what we experience forms us, to an extent… and once the work is complete, those people, places and things fade. Forever leaving an impression on our being, influencing how we approach whatever happens next.

Why do the people, places and/or things have to fade? I don’t want to have to let go or to say goodbye!… Why can’t I just hold on?!

They say it takes a village…

Within each of us lives a reflection of each person who played a part in our story.

Moulding aspects of our being with their time and energy. People who taught us to see who they are, and in turn, find parts of ourselves in them and see the parts of them in us.

To learn to love and let go… takes a village.

Life is temporal - everything in it, ourselves included, with a beginning and an end, everything serving a point and a purpose as we continue forward towards fulfillment. We are often so focused on holding on, we forget that a big part of living is letting go.

If life is teaching me to let go… then what comes next?

The bittersweetness in loss is that it leaves room for something new.

Life rarely asks our permission to introduce the next phase or stage that will inform our path towards becoming. Moving forward, sometimes unsure and unprepared… unwilling. In mourning of what must be left behind.

Letting go is often painted as a heartbreaking experience, from which we must pick up the millions of pieces of ourselves from off the ground.

Loss, is making room for what is new.

Often an introduction to people, places and things we never thought we needed, never knew we should have asked for, and experiences that will propel us forward, always shaping our becoming.

Change is scary, I would much prefer that everything stay the same… I don’t want to become anything other than who I am, now!

You are growing.

With each breath, you are changing.

Sameness, stillness, were never available options.

Life was never meant to be comfortable. If you’re in a state of comfort, a state of complacency, you’re stalling. Stalling, and trying to prevent the inevitable change that will create disruption, and break the illusion of safety that you have created.

You are here, having survived the periods of change, preceding.

Having survived introductions and goodbyes, beautiful highs and heart crushing lows.

It takes a village...

Just when you think you’ve met everyone in your village, you’ll stand corrected.

Your path is charted to meet anew and to leave behind.

Embrace it.

Rather than look back, look forward. Recognize that with whatever you are facing, you are learning. You are growing. Becoming.

Your becoming. Cherish it. It’s the most unique part of your existence. Your personal story.

Beautiful and devastating, nothing accidental.

When you look at your reflection who do you see?

I see all of those people, places and things that have informed parts of me. Those that inspired laughter, joy, tears and rage. Those that live on, and those who have passed on. I played a part in their story and I choose to honour the role they have played in mine, all while letting go and making room for what’s next.

It takes a village, of familiar and unfamiliar faces, people, places and things… to bring colour and beauty to each of our existences.

This is community.

Not static. Often unpredictable and ingratiating, but a part we carry within us and a part that calls us forward.

Choose your community, your village, and allow yourself to be swept away by the communities and villages that you will find along your path.

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