It Takes a Village - Learning to Let go

When thinking back on key events in our lives, there is generally a protagonist and an antagonist to each era in our existence.

In hindsight, we often recognize the purpose and the growth that stemmed from those beautiful and heartbreaking moments.

Those lessons.

Those life lessons that could have only been taught, by those special few, who played their role in shaping who each of us happens to be in this present moment. While, it takes a bit more time to look at those painful moments and cherish the gifts that those lessons offered, that time will come.

Yes. I do suppose that I see the rhyme and reason in the things that took place in my life when I reflect on it.

People, places, and things.

We become so attached to the people, places and things in our lives.

Often overlooking the significance of beginnings, unabashedly consuming, clinging, and craving more once we are in the thick of experience, allowing the memories and moments to shape us, ignoring the inevitability of goodbyes.

Avoiding the simple truth that, one way or another, life requires letting go.

Much of what we experience forms us, to an extent… and once the work is complete, those people, places and things fade. Forever leaving an impression on our being, influencing how we approach whatever happens next.

Why do the people, places and/or things have to fade? I don’t want to have to let go or to say goodbye!… Why can’t I just hold on?!

They say it takes a village…

Within each of us lives a reflection of each person who played a part in our story.