An Assessment of the "Hindsight" Perspective

Updated: Feb 12

Appreciation is often underrated.

More specifically, the expression of appreciation to others, inwardly to ourselves, and toward the situations we find ourselves in.

Appreciation of the little moments and of the big moments, too.

It’s often in hindsight, as we look back, and remember times where we felt true and utter misery, we smile at the gifts those moments left behind.

It’s often in hindsight, we acknowledge the strength we found within ourselves to push through, and make it to where we are at this exact moment.

For the majority of us, it takes a while to develop an appreciation for the moments and memories that made us.

Made me?! When I think back, I think on the moments and memories that BROKE me, more like it.

I beg to differ.

We each have pivotal moments in our lives, anchored in positive or negative experiences, that have the power to fuel each of us forward.

You will find, embedded within your experiences, the fuel to survive, to thrive, to focus on something, anything, that has the potential to propel you beyond that situation.

Whether the choice is to rise to the occasion, or if you’re perhaps struggling under the weight of needing to choose, we each experience pivotal moments that open the window of choice.

Present circumstances are reflections of past choices made.

There’s beauty in acknowledging the truth in that.