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An Assessment of the "Hindsight" Perspective

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Appreciation is often underrated.

More specifically, the expression of appreciation to others, inwardly to ourselves, and toward the situations we find ourselves in.

Appreciation of the little moments and of the big moments, too.

It’s often in hindsight, as we look back, and remember times where we felt true and utter misery, we smile at the gifts those moments left behind.

It’s often in hindsight, we acknowledge the strength we found within ourselves to push through, and make it to where we are at this exact moment.

For the majority of us, it takes a while to develop an appreciation for the moments and memories that made us.

Made me?! When I think back, I think on the moments and memories that BROKE me, more like it.

I beg to differ.

We each have pivotal moments in our lives, anchored in positive or negative experiences, that have the power to fuel each of us forward.

You will find, embedded within your experiences, the fuel to survive, to thrive, to focus on something, anything, that has the potential to propel you beyond that situation.

Whether the choice is to rise to the occasion, or if you’re perhaps struggling under the weight of needing to choose, we each experience pivotal moments that open the window of choice.

Present circumstances are reflections of past choices made.

There’s beauty in acknowledging the truth in that.

Wait one second. My present reality has nothing to do with choices I made, AS IF! I’m a victim of circumstance.


Well. We rarely, if ever, have control over the pivotal moments in our lives. The “circumstances” that take us on for size and catch us unaware.

There, we agree.

That said. Each of us have had to go through life events that made it so that going backward, was no longer an option. There was only the option to choose from different paths forward.

How you responded, your response, reaction, is always your choice. Never anyone else’s.

Each of us are living in a present reality that is a reflection of the past choices we each made; even how each of us feel about our present realities is a choice.

Hard truths we hate to tell ourselves.

Contrary to popular opinion, life doesn’t happen to you.

We each have always played an active role, even in our inaction, in how the story of our lives unfold.

That’s an interesting perspective given that most of all of us, around the world, are locked away at home. Not by choice.

How rare is it that we are all experiencing, quite literally, a global collective reality?

Every person around the world is figuring out how to make the most of their current circumtance.

Not only that, for the first time in history, we have remote access to how each of us is impacted, regardless of where we are in the world. That’s mind-blowing. We are all writing pages of historical firsts. There is no other time in history, that individual tales of surviving a global pandemic were so readily accessible to a global audience. Real-time accessible.

I choose to see the beauty in that.

Oftentimes, aligning to the “Grumbling Geoffreys” and the “Cranky Catherines” is the easier choice made, because their misery makes us feel better about our own.

Oftentimes, the hindsight perspective comes too late, and we miss the opportunity to draw on what we can appreciate from life’s circumstances.

Often times, but not always.

So take a moment to be present. Reflect on what you can appreciate about your current reality, right now.

Remember, every moment bears a gift. It is for us to choose to figure out where that gift is hidden, in the sunny days as well as in the storms.


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