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From Individual to Collective Consciousness - The Importance of Inner Alignment

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Very few people consider the power of a thought.

Not the thoughts that we dismiss, or discard, but the thoughts we entertain and dwell on.

From the depths of consciousness, it is our thoughts that fuel what we come to believe, what we come to value, and how we choose to act.

Even when we veil our patterns of thinking with our words; what we truly think tends to come to light in our actions. Specifically, in the way we interact with the people, places and situations that we encounter on our path.

We’ve all heard the adage, “Do as I say, not as I do,” which I think aligns with the point that you’re trying to make. All to say, most people are aware of the disparity that exists between what they think and what they say. The engage with others, not necessarily with the intent to deceive, but to align their words with principles of civility and decorum. Most recognize that how we really think, is often exposed by the actions we subsequently take.

If it is our prerogative to deceive others, we end up deceiving ourselves.

Consumed by the narratives we've created, the personas that we present, to portray ourselves as being more neutral, more palatable and more agreeable than we actually are.

Torn by the dissonance, we lose sight of the thinking patterns that lend to the behaviours and actions that sell us out.

We find ourselves paralyzed and ill-equipped.

Unable to break the cycle of self-destructive behaviours and the effects of our limiting beliefs, because we have buried their roots.

We choose to forget, avoiding the shame in remembering.

To take accountability, for who we are, where we are and how we currently show up in the world.

We avoid the pain and discomfort, bury them deep within ourselves, alongside the roles we regret having played in our becoming.

Avoiding to acknowledge how we may have failed ourselves, or failed the people who relied on us.

Unable to forgive ourselves.

Ruled, rather than the ruler of our mental life.

I wouldn’t say that a lack of awareness of our destructive thoughts, is an indication that we are being ruled by them. Not being able to articulate which thought, or pattern of thinking, prompts maladaptive behaviours that we are working through. We all reserve the right to be able to adjust our behaviours to be aligned with how we would like to be, and how we want to be seen in the world around us.

Easier said than done.

When we are not able to navigate from a place of authenticity, expect there to be cracks in our veneers.

Our desire to be, other than who we are, is a byproduct of not mastering our thought life.

Allowing thinking patterns to take root; managing and manipulating the way we interact and engage with people around us.

When we do not spend time introspecting, evaluating the quality of our thinking, with the objective being to seek inner alignment, we will eventually find ourselves off course.

Lost. Misguided. Disoriented.

Our collective consciousness is a reflection of each individual’s inner consciousness.

If the collective seems misguided and confused, know that it is simply a reflection of the sum of its parts.

Highlighting the confusion and the dissonance that we each personally carry.

The extent that we have allowed our words to be a reflection of what is expected, rather than a portrayal of our innermost convictions.

We are individually and collectively, a product of our thoughts.

So think with caution, think with care.

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