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Healing Beyond Words: Reconnecting with Self in Nature

I have learned that life does not take away the things we need.

“Need,” as defined by the situations and circumstances that support our growth and evolution.

And while growth necessitates that our needs be subject to change, I have found in nature a steadfast constant.

Whether its the wind blowing against our skin and offering its own kind of comfort, or becoming aware of the solid ground beneath us… The earth is always a steady foundation that supports us through each storm.

Nature, has always been a steadfast mother.

She is my happy place.

There is a beauty in nature that calls for our attention, carried in the little details that are often overlooked. Nature’s quiet complexity call for admiration, recognition, and our consideration. In exchange, she shares her mysteries amidst her subtleties. In falling into rhythm with the elements that nature comprises, we are primed for deep thought, appreciation, and gratitude of our existence.

Nature is a reminder that even without words, there is healing.

So much meaning that cannot be stripped away.

In the hardest of moments, through the pain of loss and grief, the sun’s readiness to shine gives a daily dose of hope.

The chaos that disrupts, demanding our reevaluations on where and how we derive value in our existence.

The chaos that challenges our desire to commit to this life, even in difficulty.

Developing strength.

Choosing to show up and show out in this world, despite the fire that feels like so much destruction.

Helpless to save the houses we’ve built and the lives we thought we wanted.

There is nothing the fire will not touch.

Leaving traces behind, on the roads ravelled and the scars incurred, all for the growth gained as recompense.

I am committed to this life.

I will always choose this life, even amidst the difficulty.

There is so much to be gained in silence. There is progress in stillness. Reconnecting with self without the limitations that exist within the confines of society. Become one with the wild, allowing the quiet to share its wisdom on the nature of things, rather than being solely reliant on our own meanderings.

Leaves that move in the quiet, sing a melody that brings a smile even in the greyest of days.

Nature allowing for this deep reflection.

Dedicating every chapter to the self I am becoming.

To all that I’ve gained, in all that I’ve lost.

Mother Nature provides each of us the permission to shed past versions of self. Giving ourselves over, releasing the energy that no longer serves us into the solid ground beneath our feet.

She is my therapy.

She is my home.


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