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Self-Portrayal: Maintaining Authorship of Your Evolving Sense of Self.

We always seem to question those who cause us to question ourselves, last.

Instead, we allow our sense of value to hinge on every word spoken, and unspoken, by the external. Our sense of self worth and self esteem’s precedent is established by another.

We allow ourselves to be as what is said, or portrayed, of us.

Aligning ourselves to the images and ideas that we are fed, though we have not authorized or approved the narratives chosen.

Despite the fact that in many ways, these words and images do not look or feel as we do.

Rather than combat the dissonance we deny ourselves this fact, and blend as the status quo desires and expects.

There is sacrifice inherent in our quiet acceptance, and with every gesture of complicit agreement, we are quietly withering away.

It’s important to have that objective point of view. Not a lot of us are confident in who we are without input from the external collective. How could we be other than the common perception? I will grow as they tell me to grow, I will fix what they tell me needs fixing. They are the voices I value, and I keep their opinions close to heart.

There is no reward in valuing opinions that are to your own detriment.

Without a self-informed self-portrayal, carefully curated with deep introspection and reflection to reinforce your sense of self regard, the external point of view is left unchecked.

Everything is taken as a truth.

Everything a given.

Without having established your own internal barometer of truth, based on your sense of authenticity, there will be no resistance, no push back, and no effort to defend yourself, when the criticism becomes untoward and harsh.

When the collective decides to tear you down rather than build you up.

You will find yourself defenceless.

Rather than stand your ground and hold your truth, you bend.


You take the shape the external perspective dictates.

To build a counter-narrative would be its own revolt. To disagree, deny, and denigrate the collective’s perspective of me would be its own form of social disaster. Complacency is exchanged for combat. A self-portrayal that is not commonly expected, is never readily accepted. How do you change the minds of the decided? Never without a fight.

There are battles that we must take head on.

Any attack on self, on your sense of identity, is a battle worth fighting for.

To stand in your truth when the world would rather you bend to its lies, builds strength, courage, and personal fortitude.

When you decide for yourself, what is true and what is false.

When you discount the narrative, though common, when it is flawed.

You are your best ally, and the only reliable source of truth in relaying who you are to the other.

Do not allow anyone to take that responsibility for you, or from you.

The only voice of reason when it comes to describing and deciding who you are…

Will always be your own, first and foremost.

So find your voice and speak your truth.



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