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Reclaiming Freedom in Emotional Release by Nurturing the Courage to Heal.

We have learned how to carry it.

The spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical weight of the wounds from experiences, past.

The memories that have transmuted into aches and pains in our bodies, or stiffness and cracks in our bones.

Our shoulders can only carry so much.

We grim and bear it.

Each of us resigned to the belief that this is our burden to bear.

Never once considering... to exercise the option of release.

Like the trophies and ribbons we keep stored away, our bodies house each memory, past. They carry our wounds and suffer the pains that desperately scream for release. Each ache and stiffness a mark left behind by the people, places, and experiences we refuse to let go. The traumas we integrate rather than desecrate, have made our bodies their home.

There are thoughts, beliefs, and desires we are better off without.

Instead, we normalize the physical manifestations of emotional and psychological discomforts, embracing this reality we've come to know.

We are slaves to the heaviness of the moments we cling to, allowing fear to keep us from envisioning another way to live.

Another way of being.

An alternative reality that demands that we release all that no longer serve us.

Have the courage to abandon the emotional, spiritual, and mental load that has long begun to harm us.

There is power in emotional release. The practice of forgiveness gives us the freedom to travel lightly. Clarity in self only transpires when we separate our identity from what we've been through, and the people we wish we never knew. We are gifted with healing in the emotional release of memories and moments that no longer serve us.

To forgive and to forget, is not to dismiss the slight and bury the action.

It's to extract the lesson and release yourself from the energy of the hurt.

Understanding that our emotions are energy in motion, demanding our attention, our actions, and to be set free.

Forgiveness is that release.

Allowing our mental, spiritual, and physical beings to become wiser, while offering ourselves the grace to forget the weight of the pain.

To forget.

Releasing the sting, the weight of the hurt, from the lessons that inform our awareness.

To acknowledge that the storms came, but they came to pass.

This is the release our bodies are calling for.

The freedom inherent in the choice to let go, the choice to grow, and to do better now that we have the experiences that enable us to know better.

We are more than the circumstances that have shaped us.

Choose to release the emotional weight that we bear.


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