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Self-Disclosure - The Stories We Share

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

What’s your story?

Never an easy question to answer.

Often, we take a moment to assess who’s asking the question.

How much truth can this person handle?

We choose a version of events that aligns with the given circumstance, more often than not, a shallow rendition, lacking the depth that a real response would require. Holding onto our stories, the narratives that build into the selves we hide in plain sight, until we find a moment that is worthy of our precious disclosure.


Is a gift.

Our individual stories are ours to share, and ours to withhold.

Each personal story, powerful.

The roles we play in our stories change and evolve as we become, as we push through, as we war on, with life.

The roles we play in our stories bloom and take shape as we ignite, as we reach new heights, and as we reclaim ourselves again, and again, throughout life.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever claimed or reclaimed myself in my story. I’ve just sort of trudged along through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, like the rest of us.

We are the authors of our stories.

The stories we tell ourselves and the stories we share with others.

None are written on our behalf, though sometimes, we lose sight of the fact that we were always the ones holding the pen.

Writing each line, scribbling on page after page, deciding which chapter brings light and which chapter brings darkness.

Writing our roles through despair, desperation and deception.

We write of the battles we’ve lost, and the battles we didn’t realize we won.

We are here.

We are breathing notes of victory with every breath we take.

With each breath of life in our lungs, we triumph.

Is this the way you frame the low moments in life? An interesting way to capture when life’s beating the pulp out of you…

We have survived.

In every instance where life introduced periods of survival.

We still stand.

Though few of us are strangers to trauma. We choose healing.

Each of us carries within us, those moments of helplessness and of hopelessness. When we were unsure of how to move forward, unsure of how we arrived at those places.

Waging war against the world, and waging war against ourselves.

Overlooking the simple fact that the battles past, were all battles won.

Every mental, emotional and physical scar a testament of strength, will, and perseverance.

Though heavy to carry, recognize and celebrate the inner transformation caused by the weight, and sometimes pain, of experience.

For better or worse… it’s always been a choice.

You are holding the pen.

You are the author of this story.

Decide how it ends.


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