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The Beauty in "Starting from Scratch," Discovering the Joy in Redefining Self.

I am a creative.

The same is true of each of us.

For those of you who rebuttal and protest... At one point or another, I hope you come to the realization that creativity cannot be limited by our limiting definitions. Creativity has the power and the beauty to translate differently in each of us.

We are all creatives.

I am my most creative when I'm redefining myself.

Allowing the transitions of life to shape and to mould me. Adding the colour and flare that I dare bring into each new chapter; celebrating the renewal of identity that each new beginning requires.

Deciding what aspects of character lay to rest and what aspects of self shall come to life.

Chasing change enables us to stay attuned to the constancy of change within. Whether we live a life of predictability and routine, or we spend our time chasing novelty and new experiences, our identity is forever unfolding. We are never so much of who we think ourselves to be, that there isn't room to surprise ourselves. Unearth a whim, a quirk, a passion, a love.... for something different, and for something new.

With mindfulness and intention I consider my evolution, my lifelong project. The locus and the pulse that brings vibrancy to this beloved and cherished human experience of mine.

Even in the darkest of times, it is in being, in living through the challenges with arms wide open where the beauty of living lies.

Breathing life into each moment with no thought of shrinking away or tuning out the noise.

The greatest moments of life are made of these experiences... and in every moment we choose, for better or worse it is for us to decide, to be, as we become.

Many are still coping with the reality that there is a version of themselves that is lost; that life has written off. Their present existence muted in the void. In the grief of losing who they once were. The present is a canvas; on which they paint pictures of the past on every blank surface... unable to see the opportunity to create from where they are... and to create from who they have become now.

Our perceptual selves have died a million deaths to bring the present version into fruition.

With every encounter, experience, and lesson learned, there is a rebirth.

With every loss, an opportunity to start from scratch.

To start anew.

Learn to celebrate the present as much as you have the inclination to grieve the past. Cultivating an awareness of what is, and what is left. Accepting that life has decided there is no longer room for what was.

Finding peace in every circumstance life brings.

Because in the end, we do not get to choose the moments we keep; the people, places, and things we have come to know and cherish.

All to say, we always have rights on who we become as a result. Honouring all that has left an imprint, or an impact, in the ways we decide to show up in the now.

So breathe in the now.

Treat each day as an opportunity to embrace the reality, that in one way or another... we are always starting from scratch.

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