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You & I - A History in the Making

I built my hope on pursuing solitude, with a newfound peace and a restored dignity, envisioning a life well lived, though independently, resolved that self-love and self-acceptance were enough.

But the universe plans differently and co-conspired with our destinies, ensuring that at some point our paths would surely cross.

Bruised and battered by reality, each one marked by personal histories, it took our worlds to fall apart for us to come together.

Unanticipated and unexpected, newfound hope has been ignited, it seems that the bitter endings were making way for a fresh new start.

Clarity in vision can be so blinding, that what it is we think we’re finding, ends up being what gets hidden in plain sight. Never could I have imagined, that seeking peace, stability, and grounding, would somehow translate as a matter of the heart.

An innocent distraction, has evolved into the main attraction, now has captured my full attention… and now I find myself at a loss.

This was not what I had planned for, and now it’s what I’ve changed my plans for, translating the chaos and calamity, into a beautiful and unfolding work of art.

More than what I could have imagined, yet so much left to the imagination, the small tidbits of insight and information, leave me wanting to learn more.

While your entrance felt so sudden, I cannot shake the feeling, that this journey of becoming, was leading me straight to your front door.

Across an ocean, in a foreign country not of my choosing, preoccupied by the monsters I was escaping, completely oblivious to how my life was drawing you into the fold.

I want to see your soul more clearly, hear your thoughts and dreams distinctly, and understand the root and essence of who you are. I want to be an anchor you can rely on, be a shoulder you can cry on, and heal together, making beauty marks of these scars.

When in hiding I could sense you, feel your curiosity and your attention, sense it was your insight and opinion spoken through another.

In disguise I felt your presence, between yoga poses and calisthenics, felt your energy and essence, despite the fact you kept your distance.

I want your words to bring full circle, the blank spaces in what I've painted, between your actions, your gestures, and your intentions. I want your trust. For you to put your faith in me, for you to understand I already know beyond what I can see, know more than what you’ve shared with me, and am undeterred by any history you disclose.

I will hold your pain with empathy, and seek to deepen this synchronicity, that fills the space and the distance that exists between you and I. You have already been seen by me, felt, heard, and understood by me, let’s make what’s next less of a mystery, let’s hold space for what’s already taking place.

I’m already locked into your energy, but let your words fill what my soul can’t see, for you to deepen my confidence that you believe in our becoming.

I trust that the universe has set this course, and has determined that the next steps along this path were not meant for either of us to walk alone.

Each step that builds into progression, as we step into the future, I believe are meant to be taken with one another.

It’s you and I together, building into one another's futures, facing whatever lions, tigers, and dragons lie ahead.

Whatever story that's unfolding, I have this quiet feeling, that it all gets better, together.

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