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Beyond Biology: Rethinking Life and the Meaning of Being Alive

Life is as much an expression as she is a state of being. Therein lies a philosophical definition of life.

Our lives influenced by the things we find ourselves touching, tasting, hearing, smelling, and seeing.

Life is what we are surrounded by and connected to. Each of us, a conscious definition of what it means to be living.

Ours is a life barely captured by our notion of a stage or a phase. Ours is a life that seeks clarity and freedom from each given cultural and societal haze.

A life that seeks to reunite to its limitlessness, to be released by the constraints of the external gaze.

To be alive is beyond breath and breathing. As we examine the trees, each blade of grass and the earth beneath our feet. As we feel the force of the waves crashing and falling back into the sea. As we feel the heat of the fire that brings warmth and destruction in a swift beat, and as we feel the whispers of the wind as it dances with the elements, invisible and powerful, her touch changing between harsh and sweet.

All living.

All being.

Take note of these expressions and lessons, of life, all the different variations in existing.

We have each experienced a million and one expressions of life. She is shape and form, space and void. Life does not limit herself to the limits we place on her. She is everything and what sits in between. Wild and free, she is the sky and the sea, she is the earth and the wind, the fire and the web that connects all of us who exist in between. She is the intention in each breath we take and the encouragement behind each step we take, into our becoming.

We are born of this intention.

Each of our beginning, beyond the stories told surrounding our conception. There is a deeper awareness, a sense of our inborn purpose, that is worthy of our attention.

We are each the blessing or the lesson.

We are as much the influence for, as much as we have been influenced by, the people around us.

We are each the product of choice, as much as we choose, how to treat the people, places, and situations in close proximity to us.

More than the victims and the villains. We bear the weight of being the blessings and lessons that shape and form, that create and inform, becoming.

Our own becoming, and one another’s — this is life and living.

We are shaped by the action and inaction, shaped by the truth and the lies, we are shaped by the victories and defeats.

Each of us, a lesson and a blessing, on a path to glory or destruction — this is life and this is living.

This becoming is delicate. She is the tide that is born of the decisions we make, the choices we take, the promises we break, and the people we forsake. She is etched in our DNA, as a beauty mark or a stain. A tribute to our integrity or the character flaw, she bears our evolution and brings everything to light, all of who we are is laid bare and in plain sight. In pride or in shame, this becoming is each choice we’ve made along the stroll down memory’s lane.

We mustn’t forget our intentions.

As the outcomes and consequences unfold.

We mustn’t forget our intentions.

As the truth and the secrets buried, are told.

We are life.

Expressions of living.

More than the victor and the villain, each of us bearing the lesson and the blessing, all of which dependent on the decisions we chose and still choose.

Choose wisely.

This journey represents seasons and cycles.

The energy we put forward will come back full circle, we each reap what we sow in the ebb and the flow, in the highs and lows.

She is beauty and she is pain, she is loss and she is gain.

She is all that we expect and more…

She. Is. Life.

She is more than what you bargained for.

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