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Lessons in Letting Go & Moving Forward - The Inherent Sacrifice in Growth

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Few would discount the beauty in growth.

We revel in wonderment as we reflect on trials past, considering our own evolution; a byproduct of the learning, growing and developing we have each experienced.

Memories and moments, tangible and intangible, that we’ve collected along our individual journeys.

Sometimes bittersweet.

In realizing that though our expansion is limitless, it still involves letting go.

That in creating anew, we are still required to release what is old.

Learning to deal with the momentary misery, that every closed chapter entails.

The unsolved existential paradox. Regardless of whether we make time or space available, life requires certain doors to close, for others to open. Moments that necessitate our acknowledgement, that what once served us well, has run it’s course. Embracing the goodbyes, closed doors and finished chapters, for what they are — natural progressions in life.

There is a comfort in connection that is deceptive.

Procuring the illusion of constancy, allowing us to ignore the impermanency inherent in the nature of things.

The endings inherent in beginnings.

Avoiding the reality that our personal transformations and evolutions, elicit goodbyes.

We are the last to realize what it is we will lose.

The aspects of old, that must stay behind.

Doing our best to minimize, or to mitigate, the effects of the unexpected consequences, that our growth and development quietly put into motion.

Grappling for control over the shifts and changes, ebbs and flows, that each stage and phase introduce.

Each pivotal moment serving as a reminder, that change rarely asks us for our permission.

Every course has its blindspots. Even when we are thorough and have clear view on the steps forward, there will be cause and effects that will only unearth when the transformation takes place. In time, we learn to brace ourselves for the unexpected. We have survived losses past, we will continue to survive any losses that lay ahead.

Life requires letting go.

There are people, places and situations that serve as stepping stones on our paths.

Immerse yourself in the experience while it lasts.

Learning the lessons inherent in their presence, and subsequent absence.

While the past is gone and the future is unexpected, we can each make use of this present moment.

We can make the choice to enjoy, indulge, and experience.

Trusting that goodbyes, closed doors and finished chapters are natural progressions in life. Trusting that though we rarely get to choose the who, when, what, where and how… we can choose to be present in this moment, right now, for however long it lasts.

Life is inherently unexpected.

Rather than nurture an illusion of control and predictability, lean into the unknown.

Embrace the constancy of uncertainty, adapt to the ebbs and flows of change.

You are growing, after all… through it all.

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