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Perpetually Hopeful Through Changing Seasons

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Perpetually hopeful.

A quality in those that choose to believe that our collection of yesterdays, ultimately served as preparation for present and future realities.

The perpetually hopeful seek the hidden potential, comprised in each day.

They live for the memories made, opportunities gained and insights ignited.

Finding beauty through tears and in laughter, determined to live life with anticipation.

The perpetually hopeful believe there is a gift that lies in every experience that life brings.

While not many would disagree that life is treasured, there are some life events that could hardly ever be considered as gifts... they are better framed as nightmares.

We put so much emphasis on the events that take place in our lives.

The gift revealed by experiences, good and bad, are the changes that these moments unlock within us.

The shifts in our understanding of self, and our ability to rise to the occasion, or withstand the storm.

We are choosing, always choosing, to be better or worse.

We determine how each moment will imprint on us, and impact who we become moving forward.

In our darkest moments, we get a better look, a deeper look, at who we are and what we are made of.

We catch a glimpse of a simple, and universal, truth; that we are each truly powerful beyond measure.

Rather than resent events and circumstances, past or present, the perpetually hopeful celebrate the accumulation of insurmountable challenges they faced head on, and overcame.

It’s a bit presumptuous to say that each of those challenges that we faced were overcome. Some of those moments definitely beat us down to the ground, barely breathing, forever changed.


Life, people and circumstances can be cruel.

Yet, still we rise.

We will always be more than the version of ourselves that people write in their script of who we are and are becoming.

We are each beyond what can be captured in words.

Our value was never, and could never be, limited by our circumstances.

We are light.

It’s often the darkest moments that allow us an opportunity to shine the brightest.

Each day, a new beginning.

A token and testament that we have survived the worst of what is now past.

So, remember gratitude.

Through the worst of times, and also the best.

Choosing to remain hopeful, is seeing beyond what reality paints…

To be hopeful, is energy, never misplaced.

Keep the flame burning, and you’ll start to realize, that it’s the darkness that gives way to the light.

Remain perpetually hopeful.


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