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Why Choose to Remain Hopeful

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

There’s an understated, yet fundamental, difference in the way we choose to approach each day.


Some of us still have it.

Some of us still leverage this captivating quality, recognizing that hope is one of those attributes, once adopted, that transforms the ordinary into a driving force.

Hope, pushes us beyond the point where most give up.

While giving up is often the rational choice - who wants to live life rationally?

Much of the present is a representation of realities hoped for, and realities we have yet found the courage to change.

Is it not important to take stock of the probability of success? I mean, the past can be a great anchor by which to route our futures, no?

The odds are what they are - but we decide to what extent those odds inform our decision-making.

Especially given the case that, when it comes to our lives, many chapters are a work in progress. Our choices charting different paths, actualizing in certain respects and memorializing others.

Anchoring focus and clarity, as we blaze forward.

Learning that it’s better to be careful what you pay attention to…

Remembering that the past is not a predictor of future events.

Knowing, that if the past has any redeemable quality at all, it is that it represents a reflection of many moments where the odds were challenged, overturned, and alternated.

Past realities were forever changed by the daring few who were irrational enough to cling to hope.

Those irrational few, who dared to remain undeterred and unswayed by what the facts presented.

Hope is an awareness that the future is filled with opportunities to rewrite the realities we take for granted, or the realities we always assumed were beyond the reach of change.

Is it not important to take into consideration that certain structures have been fairly resistant to change?


Though sometimes, in order to continue forward, reality needs to be far removed.

Courage and bravery is anchored elsewhere. Telling us, if there’s anything to be audacious about, it’s hope.

When the dust settles, through each victory and failure, hope persists. Willing us to continue with the pursuit.

The lesson, exactly?

Pay attention to an idea long enough, and it evolves into a vision.

Pay attention to a vision long enough, and every part of your being is tuned into making it a reality.

A fire that won’t be put out.

Consuming, energizing, breathtaking.

Altering your perception of your world, and the role you play in it.

Reality is a canvas, incomplete. The paint colours are hope.

Ignite hope.

Paint your canvas with colours only you can see, whether your eyes are opened or closed.

Understand that it’s our ideas that bring us, and bring us back to, life.

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